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Singapore Blog Awards 2013
LEVI’S Best 501 Interpretation Blog Finalist


The Levi’s® brand and Liberty London share a rich history of designing iconic clothing that marries uncompromised craftsmanship and heritage. This is the first time Levi’s is collaborating with Liberty London whereby the Liberty prints are designed exclusively for the new Levi’s® X Liberty London collection.


The Liberty fabric design studio created two exclusive prints for the Levi’s® X Liberty London collection. Carlin, which was inspired by a print in the Liberty archive from the 1970s with painterly garden flowers, was redrawn with watercolor pencils and repeated to created a painted, colorful and flowing floral. The design is named after the Levi’s® designer Jenny Carlin who worked on the collection.



Singapore Blog Awards 2013 LEVI’S Best 501 Interpretation Blog Finalist Alot of


Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

It’s been a month since i’ve started sharing my GLOSSI experience and creating different looks for different occasions with it. Hope you guys enjoy reading them 🙂 If you’ve missed any of the entries, you can locate them in this entry as i do a recap of my blogging journey with Glossi Eyewear 😉


It’s been really hazy lately but with glossi eyewear, i still looks cool with a mask on right? hahaha~

Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

From my previous entry, i’ve introduced you this local brand, GLOSSI Eyewear and i’m sure you are more aware and understand this brand better now right? If you are still unsure of how cool and what’s so unique about these glasses from Glossi Eyewear, you canread about it here. 🙂

Today in this entry, as promised earlier on, i will be creating 4 different looks with the 2 pairs of glasses that i’ve selected 🙂 You can expect something cool, fun, formal and punk-ish look from the style that i’ve created 😉

First…. Let’s go for a COOL and punkish look with the shades that i’ve gotten! This look is great for parties and attending events! 🙂


Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

Still remembering me telling you guys that i will be introducing you a local brand which you will love with their extensive and cool designs of glasses and shades? You can read about my shopping experience here and in this entry, i will be revealing the 2 glasses that i’ve picked up from the store! 🙂

glossi eyewear best modelling blog

Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

Other than being one of the finalist in the LEVI’S 501 Best Interpretation Blog, darren bloggie is also a finalist in the GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog!! *Throw Confetti* (the best icon to represent is the LINE bear doing the throw confetti sticker.)

Although i’m not one whom needs to wear specs as i’ve got perfect eyesight *flick hair though hair not long enough* but i do wear those non-degree specs at times to complete my look for the day 🙂 SO… 2 weeks ago, i visited Nanyang Optical at white sands to pick my pair of non-degree specs and sunglasses sponsored by Glossi Eyewear! 😀


Singapore Blog Awards 2013 LEVI’S Best 501 Interpretation Blog Finalist Tell me what comes to your mind when you hear or see this brand LEVI'S? I'm

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 LEVI'S Best 501 Interpretation Blog Finalist By now i'm sure you would have known about it, but if you're not aware,

Luckily managed to attend the annual Singapore Blog Awards 2012 held on Saturday at the Singapore Flyer. Attended as one of the finalist in the Gmarket Best Shopping Blog and i got my outfit for the ceremony from Qoo10 😉

*Ps : noticed my super short short hair?! haha will blogged more about it on my next few upcoming entries…

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Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) It's SUMMER TIME! Have your prepared your summer clothings? Ok, i know Singapore is like summer throughout

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It's the annual Singapore Star Awards once again, WAIT, erms i meant Singapore Blog Awards is back again! :D actually it's really like the

Singapore Blog Awards (Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog) (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

Thanks to DEAL.com.sg once again as i always managed to grab great deals over there! After my previous deals experience at Mad For Garlic & AMICI Italian Restaurant, today, i went for a Deluxe 4-Course Lunch at Miss Clarity Restaurant with diana & kiki 😉

YOOHOO! All my beloved readers, friends, bloggers and followers! I’m really happy as i’ve WON something from the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 this year!


Thank you so much for all the supports given! I’ll do another proper post to thank all of you yea!~

Meanwhile, i shall blog about the ceremony with the pictures i have on hand first. Will be updating this entry with new pics once i’ve gotten them 🙂

Was really glad and happy that i’m able to attend the ceremony last Saturday (23rd July) at Shanghai Dolly!

We were kinda late for like 10 mins? but luckily there are still pple queuing up at the registration counter.

Singapore Blog Awards (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

Artist Jay Chou 周杰伦, other than being a talented singer, a actor, a movie director, a song composer, a song writer, a tv host, recently he was appointed Chief Designer for a Special Edition N Series notebook with ASUS SonicMaster Audio Technology!

How cool is that right?!! *Now all jay fans SCREAMS!*

Singapore Blog Awards (Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog) (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

Finally get to meet up with Calvin Timo last night to use our deals purchased from DEAL.com.sg at this very nice cosy authentic Italian Restaurant located in Holland Village by the name of AMICI.

Singapore Blog Awards (Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog) (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

Special thanks to DEAL.com.sg, i managed to grab this awesome deal at $15 with a total worth of $30 vouchers at MAD FOR GARLIC!

With such great deals on hand, i’ve decide to share it with my group of amblove! (ambience love just in case in u are reading my blog for the first time, they are my best buddies in the S.H.E Ambience fanclub).

Made a reservation for a total of 9 pax in the afternoon and i strongly suggest u guys to do to so as the queue are really long during dinner time.

Singapore Blog Awards (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

Yoohoo! as promised, if you can recall from my post yesterday, i’ll be introducing you guys this notebook from ASUS right? and here it is!

I’ve been using this laptop since i got it on tuesday after attending the briefing from the ASUS team. Was really impressed with it through the presentation given by them and i couldn’t wait to get hold of it!

look at how sleek it it! 😀

ok i know you guys would prefer to more realistic pictures than those nicely shot images right? SEE i can read your mind! haha~ here you go~

Singapore Blog Awards (ASUS Best Tech Blog)

it’s the PC Show once again! Thinking of getting a laptop, why not check out what ASUS has to offer! Click on the images below for the Flyers from ASUS for the PC SHOW 2011!

You can visit their facebook page over here ( http://www.facebook.com/asus.sg ) for more updates on the ongoing promotions for the PC SHOW 2011 😀 Remember to click on the LIKE button yeah!

For me, i’m recommending you guys to get this notebook, ASUS N53SV. It’s one awesome entertainment notebook with its 15.6″ LARGE WIDE FULL HD Display and SonicMaster Technology, watching videos and listening to music with it is a totally awesome experience! 😀

Singapore Blog Awards (Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog)

Not sure if you guys are aware ( by right you should be aware of haha~) that i’m one of the finalist for 2011 Singapore Blog Awards : Deal.com.sg Best Shopping Blog! I’m gonna introduce you this awesome site that provide daily awesome deals !

I’m sure most of you pple know about this site right?! It’s ok if you don’t know as you’ll know more about it from this entry ;D

I’m really excited and happy this afternoon as i’m one of the finalist for not one but THREE categories for this year Singapore Blog Awards! 😀 Really have to thank all of my friends and readers out there (though i don’t really know who you are in real life) , i’m still grateful to have you for all the support!

You can go the extra miles to show your support for me by voting for me in these 3 categories!

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