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ONE - Joo Won and Park Hye Soo

Make A Date With Joo Won, one of South Korea’s Hottest Leading Men, in Singapore!

ONE, the #1 Korean entertainment channel in Singapore announce that one of South Korea’s hottest male stars, Joo Won, will be in town to meet with fans! The free, open-to-public meet and greet will take place on Saturday, 10 October 2015 at Suntec City North Atrium (between Tower 1 and 2), at 7.15pm. Here in Singapore for the first time, Joo Won will be joined by up-and-coming singer-actress, Park Hye Soo, who plays his sister in the above-named series. Lucky ONE subscribers will have the chance to have a group photo taken onstage with Joo Won as well as receive an exclusive ONE goodie bag. To qualify, fans will need to submit, in no more than 50 words, why they would like to meet Joo Won to for Singtel TV subscribers or for StarHub TV subscribers from 24 Sep to 5 Oct 2015. Besides the grand prize winners, 20 fans will also receive an exclusive ONE goodie bag each for their participation. ‘A Date with Joo Won’ Date: 10 October 2015, Saturday Time: …

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《招魂》Bring Back The Dead Opens in Cinema on 8 Jan 2015

I must be crazy to RSVP for the gala premiere held last week as it’s a horror movie and yes, you are right, I’m not really a horror movie fan as I will be spending most of the time covering up my eyes throughout the movie. LOL! Luckily I managed to get a partner with me to catch this movie and I’m glad that I attended as after all it’s something different from the usual horror movie. BRING BACK THE DEAD 《招魂》 is ready to spook up local cinemas this 8th January as the first local movie to kick start 2015! Scripted and directed by Lee Thean-jeen李天仁, BRING BACK THE DEAD marks his third full-length feature film after the release of his directorial debut HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 in 2011 and EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS 《人人有份》 in 2013. Coincidentally, this is also Jesseca Liu’s third feature film after UNTOLD BEAUTY 《还原》 and GREEDY GHOST 《贪心鬼见鬼》. BRING BACK THE DEAD revolves around Jia En (Jesseca Liu), a doting mother who loses her seven-year-old son in a tragic road accident. Beyond grief …

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A group photo of the YG Family artistes at the Samsung press conference, posing with the latest Samsung devices

[News] Samsung POWERs the YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour in Singapore

Samsung customers and fans stand a chance to win concert and rehearsal tickets, and limited edition merchandise Samsung proudly presents the first-ever YG Family Concert in Singapore – YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour: POWER in Singapore – on 13 and 14 September at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. To reward customers in Singapore, Samsung has lined up a series of pre-concert and on-site activities for customers and fans to score the ultimate YG experience, headlined by some of the hottest names in the K-pop industry: BIGBANG, PSY, 2NE1, Epik High, and YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated new boy band, WINNER. By participating in these activities, Samsung customers will stand a chance to win concert tickets, rehearsal tickets and other limited edition gifts.

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OBSESSED《人间中毒》, Seducing You on 31 July 2014

Special thanks to Clover Films for inviting, we attended the Gala Premiere of Obsessed, top grossing erotic movie of 2014 in Korea! Not only being able to catch this film before it’s release, we got to meet Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon 宋承宪, best known for his TV dramas such as AUTUMN IN MY HEART, MY PRINCESS and DR. JIN, as he is in town to promote his latest feature film OBSESSED《人间中毒》!

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(4) Samsung_NYOG Press Conference in Shanghai

[NEWS] Samsung Invites Youth to Truly Enjoy the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games through Music!

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category, announced EXO as Samsung’s brand ambassador for Nanjing 2014, and will play a key role in encouraging young people to truly enjoy fun and exciting moments of the Youth Olympic Games.   Samsung’s “Live the Beats, Love the Games” campaign is a unique combination of music and sports, aiming to maximize the fun and excitement of the Games through a variety of music performances, consumer engagement events, and digital contents. Music plays a central role in youth culture and K-pop especially has been loved by youth in Asian countries.

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S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER 新加坡演唱会2013

2010,我们因爱而为一 2013,我们要2GETHER 4EVER 那一夜, 我们一起见证了永恒的美好 我们一起缔造了一片幸运草绿色荧光海 为了这次的新加坡场,我们费尽了许多时间,精力,人力,体力。。。 就为了想给S.H.E一个别具意义的惊喜。很感谢大家的鼎立配合,这份惊喜才能顺利的完成。 这12年来,S.H.E 可说是已经融入了我的生活里。还记得第一次听到《恋人为满》时,就开始喜欢上她们了。第一次购买她们的专辑是从《美丽新世界》开始,一直到现在,一张都没少。第一次参加签唱会,也是S.H.E。第一次演唱会的初体验也就献给了她们。当时还只是一名学生的我,买了两张$80的票,带着我妈一同看了Double WOW的拼盘演唱会,也是S.H.E首次在新加坡开唱。同样的,每一场新加坡演唱会都没缺席过。今年,我在次带着我妈一同前去观赏这场充满欢笑与泪水的演唱会。 好多第一次都献给了她们耶!回忆满满,真的无法一一写下,不过我知道,这些回忆会一直留在我心里。 80岁的约定,不能毁约哦! S.H.E, The One & Only…

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2013 INFINITE 1st World Tour “One Great Step” Press Conference

The clock is counting down to INFINITE 1ST World Tour 2013 “One Great Step”, as Korean boy band is currently in town, preparing for their performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5th October 2013, tomorrow. As a brand that encourages people to pursue their passion in music and entertainment, Samsung proudly presents the INFINITE 1ST World Tour 2013 “One Great Step” that showcases the high energy performances of top boy band INFINITE. INFINITE made a special appearance at the Samsung Galaxy store earlier of the day before appearing at the 2013 INFINITE 1st World Tour “One Great Step” Press Conference.

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Will Pan Unleashed World Tour Singapore Concert Press Conference + WIN Concert Tickets!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway This entry came a little late as i was busy with work and this press conference was held in may when he was in town for his first local ticketed concert promo. Was really happy when i received the invitation to attend the press conference as a media and i think you guys are not aware that i’m actually quite a fan of him as i do listen to his songs and will usually sing his songs at ktv sessions ;P I still remember my first encounter meeting him in person was in a KTV room many years ago and i got to sing with him in the room too! haha but sad to say, i can’t find that pic i took :X Anyway, back to the topic. So i  attended the press conference that day and he is still as bubbly and i am glad that he managed to do so well now. He is really a very hardworking artiste. :)

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Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 The Moment 簽唱會 Autograph Session at Plaza Singapura + GIVEAWAY!

After attending Aaron Yan 炎亞綸The Moment 音樂派對 Music Party, go read if you’ve not, i went for the autograph session the following day (partially also because we needa help out in the event) and here’s some pictures and videos that i’ve taken for you fans out there! :P The anticipating crowd which’ve been queuing up since morning under the killer sun… It’s SOO freaking hot and sunny that day~!!

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Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 The Moment 音樂派對 Music Party

Special thanks to HIM Music, i got invited to the Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 [The Moment] 音樂派對 Music Party and manged to hold a giveaway for you readers, whom are a fan of aaron yan as well to attend this party ;) The queue to the entrance of the was pretty long which extended all the way till the overhead bridge linking vivocity to st james power station. The moment i arrived, quickly collected my pass before looking for a spot to set up my tripod and stuff..

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A New Interactive Consumer Experience At Asia’s First Samsung Mobile PIN in Singapore!

Was invited for a new interactive consumer experience at Asia’s First Samsung Mobile Pin in Singapore last week and at the same time to meet Olivia Ong, Samsung Galaxy Note II Ambassador as she share with us more about her Wonderland Project and SKarf, upcoming Korean girl group which includes Ferlyn and Tasha from Singapore! Samsung Mobile PIN is a premium consumer experience space that challenge consumers to discover and re-think how we can use technology to enable us to live in a world without barriers or walls.

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[Darren Bloggie 台北直击] S.H.E.Reunite! 强势合体,出席Top Girl蝴蝶起飛公益記者會!*附完整视频*

HELLO READERS!! got miss me ma? haha~ okay!! im back from my taiwan trip and it was really a super memorable one!! Give me sometime as i prepare those pictures ive taken for the trip before sharing them over here with you guys ~ ;D SO the memorable part is this, i GOT TO MEET S.H.E IN PERSON!!! that’s like their very first public appearance together with SELINA after 1 and a half years! SUPER GAN DONG the moment i saw the three of them together and most importantly SELINA!! *eyes turning red now.. :'(* As i needa update those pictures on our fc blog, i’ve managed to edit these images first and since these images are ready, i shall share with you guys on this event first! ;D It was pretty rushing for us as we have a evening flight to catch and we needa leave to the airport at 4.30pm. Event starts officially at 2pm and will probably end ard 3.30 to 4pm but we still decided to give it a try..

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Hebe 田馥甄 《My Love》新加坡宣传行程及相关详情

Hebe 田馥甄 《My Love》 Singapore Promo Trip 2011 25.11.2011 (Fri) Arrival : 6.50pm, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, SQ877 26.11.2011 (Sat) Sundown Festival : 5.30 Gate open, Marina Promenade.  Lightstick color to use will be YELLOW. 27.11.2011 (Sun) Hebe 《My Love》 Autograph Session : 5.00pm, Plaza Singapura Level 1 (Outside Starbucks and Cafe Cartel) Things to take note for autographs session: “Sundown Festival Concert” ticket holders are entitled Priority Queue and autograph on their ticket stub, however the following T&C apply: -《MY LOVE》 album (S’pore version) must be presented together with each “Sundown Festival” ticket, for entry into the Priority Queue. – “Sundown Festival” tickets holders who are unable to present 《MY LOVE》 album (S’pore version), will not be entertained and will be asked to leave the queue immediately. – “Sundown Festival” ticket holders must be present before 4:30pm, in order for entry into the Priority Queue. Ticket holders who arrive later than 4:30pm will have to join the normal queue. – Strictly no entry to the Priority Queue after 4.30pm on 27-Nov-2011. – Strictly …

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Selina : 謝謝你們 愛我的每個人

Seina浴火重生374天 在30歲生日及婚禮前 在邁向人生新里程之際 這首歌是送給自己的禮物 也送給每一個愛她的人 愛我的每個人 曲:林俊傑/詞:姚若龍 痛 在眼中變成淚 在心中變成灰 沒有什麼能安慰 怕 被時間變成累 被想像變成悲 希望都被粉碎 不安有時會崩潰 有時會怨懟 好像怎麼對待都不對 看得出你隱藏多少的疲憊 卻還是堅持著愛不斷加倍 讓我感動也讓我愧對 謝謝你們 愛我的每個人 在我的人生最像一場惡夢的旅程 陪我掙脫 勇敢地去醒來 當我的護衛 為我禱告心靈更強韌 謝謝你們 愛我的每個人 讓我努力後可以謝謝自己很坦誠 會想不通 或絕望到躲開 但你們做的 總讓我想堅強負責任 為了愛重生 心 擺脫夜的黑 往藍天而飛 被陽光包圍 只為了 你一句我笑得 好美 我忍住了 太漫長的淚 看得出你隱藏多少的疲憊 卻還是堅持著愛不斷地加倍 讓我感動也讓我愧對

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8月18日凌晨1点40 分左右,Selina未婚夫张承中在自己的微博上透露他与Selina已经确定将于10月31日(Selina的生日)举行婚礼, 宾客预估88桌。而考虑到Selina现在的身体状况,婚礼将避免奢华,注重简单温馨。与此同时张承中还上传了Selina自己录制的一段2分钟的音频, 将她的喜悦和幸福传递给粉丝和网友。几分钟后Selina自己也转发了这条微博,笑称录音十分紧张,幸福甜蜜溢于言表。

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