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Last day spent in Hong Kong, we went to the Citygate outlet store for our last round of shopping. Ops! and i think i did quite a fair bit of shopping huh 😛


After returning back to the hotel to unload our shopping bags, we went for dinner at this fast-food alike chain, Da Jia Le 大家乐 which served local food like char siew noodle, pork shop rice, hot pot and baked rice as well.

Second day of my hong kong trip, we went to a factory outlet which sells all the branded stuff like Coach, Gucci, i.t store, G.O.D, prada, and many many more! but eventually i didn’t get anything from there though :X


Went for a long holiday break over the Chinese New Year period to Hong Kong to experience the COLD over there and true enough, it was FREEZING cold~ and i was not prepared for it hahaha~ brought alot of clothes there but most not suitable to wear, but that’s also a good excuse for me to do more SHOPPING right?

It was an early morning flight, in need of my coffee fix before departing. Glad to have Starbucks in the airport 😉


Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg YooHoo!! finally the voting site is up and it's time to do some voting

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg Ending our very last day in hong kong

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg Another brand new day in hong kong and i'm looking forward to what was

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg Morning breakfast from the hotel was so so as there wasn't much to choose

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg Finally after a week, i'm ready to blog about my wonderful trip to hong

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg Yohoo!!! yes you heard me right, i'm going overseas AGAIN~ By the time you

Continue from my day 3 post, after heading back to my room and took a damn shiok hot water bath, i felt totally refreshed and awake! So, i decided to lay all my shopping loots out on the bed and snap some pics 🙂 that’s what i will usually do when i travel overseas 😉

Rise & Shine! It’s Day 3 of our Hong Kong trip and we are dedicating our day for SHOPPING today! woohoo~! 😀

Outfit for the day… wear something simple so it’s easier for you to do shopping, especially when you needa try on clothings and stuff 😉

after almost a week from my day 1 post, i’ve finally completed my day 2 images and videos! Ok, my day 2 in hong kong is the most packed, tiring BUT FUN day as we went to 2 major attractions there, which is the Big Buddha and DISNEYLAND!!!

*tips : you should totally dedicate one FULL day for disneyland. half day in disneyland is definitely not enough!*

outfit for the day! sponsored by VHOGE.com (website will be up soon) THANKS!

My second trip of the year and it’s really like a dream come true for me as i’ve been wanting and hoping to go for a trip to hong kong. I wanna go there 买东西吃东西,and most importantly to visit the Disneyland!!! it’s like i think the cheapest disneyland you can go to ba. Anyway, i shall talk more about disneyland when i post my entry about it .

So, this is a company trip, sponsored by my boss (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!) and i was really very excited, happy and looking forward to the trip ! never thought that there will be a company trip for me as well hahaha~ 😀

Flying off on thursday morning 5th May, exactly 2 weeks after i’m back from my bali trip and it’s my first time flying off from terminal 3! wee~~