Genting Kuala Lumpur My Life Travel

Travelogue : 3D2N Kuala Lumpur / Genting Trip with BBFs! Part 2

Finally after abt an hour ride down from genting, we reached KL and check into our hotel room.We’re staying at D’ Oriental Hotel located along then streets at chinatown.

2 single bed, combined into a Queen size bed, that’s what we usually would do when we travel 😀

the cabinet and tv, which is really small lor…

Toilet is pretty clean and there’s water heater too 😀

after washing up, we headed out for our night activities!

First was to have our early dinner at the famous CLAYPOT RICE in chinatown!! we always patronize them whenever we visit KL.


while waiting for food to arrive…………..

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Genting Kuala Lumpur My Life Travel Travelogue

Travelogue : 3D2N Kuala Lumpur / Genting Trip with BBFs! Part 1

Wee! Finally, done with all the pictures and videos upload and im now ready to start updating my post! Are u ready for the tons of pics in this 3D2N Kuala Lumpur / Genting Trip with BBFs post?

It’s really great, able to travel around with a good bunch of friends, and we actually travel overseas once again in less than 3 months from our Jan visit to Bangkok, which was really fun and enjoyable as well! I was kinda surprised that we managed to gather everyone and almost all of us agreed with this trip within a short period of time. I think we all need a short getaway to free ourselves from our work and have something to look forward to!

Brought my luggage out for work in the morning as we do not intend to head back home after work. Bag was rather heavy which i dun know why, i didn’t bring much leh~

So i decided.. mmm i shall take a cab for work!~ 😀

I was having a hard time getting a cab and in the end, i needa call for a cab.. 🙁 but luckily it didn’t cost me as much as what i expect to reach my office…

Time passed kinda slow and we couldn’t wait to knock off from work! and one surprise from my mum, she actually came down to my work place and passed me some stuff to bring along for the trip after her work.. that’s really very nice and sweet of her la! MUACKS~!!!

Meet up with the rest at boon lay mrt station as wai meng wanna bring us for dinner at the infamous nasi lemak at boon lay shopping centre!

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My 1st trip of the year 2009, KL!

Wooo.. really extremely sorry abt it.. I’ve not been able to do any updating as i’m just soooooo busy with soooooo many stuff and projects on hand! How i wish i’m a superman ~ hahaha.

Alright, SO this is going to be a damm long entry as it will include entry of my countdown session and my KL trip. as for my S.H.E KL report, i will give it a new post specially just for them =) hehe.

So on 31st dec, went for work as usual and there wasn’t any news of half day for new year eve, so was kinda sianz u know..
When i reached the office, checked my email then i got to know that we’ll be able to leave at 4pm once all works assigned are completed hehe hooray~ and today, our boss treat each of us a cup of spinelli coffee and i ordered caramel latte for myself! NICE!

Left office at ard 4.15pm and headed back home in a cab. Pick my mum up from my ah kim’s house as she went to the market with her to help me buy the food for tonight steamboat session. Reached back home, bath and zhi wei came up to place his and diana’s luggage as they’ll be staying overnight at my place. Went to the NTUC at rivervale mall and bought back some more stuff for the steamboat. prepared the ingredients and we started our steamboat session at ard 8+ when rachel and jac arrived. My mum joined in with us as well =).

While eating, we watched the countdown program in taiwan as S.H.E is one of the performing artisit!!! wooo~~ HIGH DE LEI~

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