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This is super random as ive never try to do a blog entry without using a proper PC or laptop. I’ve saw people using their iPad or even their phone to write a entry out and I always question, seriously can do that meh? And now since I’ve gotten myself a iPad mini, I’m gonna to try it out! So this entry you are reading is created on an iPad mini 😉

So.. The Singapore blog awards is over and yes, I didn’t win anything except a consolation prize for the best dress of the day. But I would still love to thank every single one of you that helped to vote for me daily and at the same time to congrats all the winners! 😀

Went on a short trip to job with my bbfs for food, massage and petrol on Sunday and the jam was quite a terrible one. We left at arc 7 and only managed to reach back at Singapore at 10 plus…



Cha Ba Lang Blogging time! I’ve scheduled this entry to be published during my ict so that you guys will not miss me too much when im away 😛 (okay i know very thick skin :X)

Finally after 2 months, i managed to meet up with my bbfs~ got so many things that i bought from taiwan and korea to pass them.. finally can clear them from my room hahaha~ but most importantly is they like it 😉


It’s been soo long since i last have a cha ba lang blogging entry! 😀 anyone missing it? So i’ve been kinda busy recently (like forever busy) but i do try to balance between work and leisure at the same time, so as to have a healthy lifestyle 😀

Met up with my amblove quite often for the past few weekends. We had dinner together at lenas followed by desserts.

It’s been months since my last cha ba lang blogging! and finally it’s back! ;D

Helped with at the Yoga Lin autograph session and it’s been more than a year since we last saw him. Extremely energetic this time round. More images to come after i’ve received them.



it’s been so long since my last cha ba lang blogging entry.. i think more than a month BA~! obviously u guys can tell how committed and hardworking i am with all my F&N blog entries right? hahaha

But no worries as Cha Ba Lang blogging is BACK AGAIN!!! *throw confetti*

Tree.D, a place that we almost visit everyday after lunch to grab our drinks at. We should seriously get some VIP card or wat for this! haha~

It’s Cha Ba Lang Blogging TIME!!!

Yu sheng.. i guessed most of you ate that during the chinese new year right? and i’m sure most of u ate it for like more than once hor?! For me, i ate a total of 3 yu shengs this year, which i think isn’t alot as there are pple eating more than 10 yu shengs lo!

My first yu sheng was with my cousins during our dinner on chu san. not bad, quite nice.

actually in the past, i dun really like to eat yu sheng cos there is this ginger slices or taste in it and most of the time, i will just eat the crispy thingy… but dunno why, now i quite addicted to it… haha!

My very first ang pow for the lunar new year was given from my boss! wooohooo~~!   very very simple reunion dinner with my parents. though

It's Cha Ba Lang Blogging time again! ;) Met up with a few amblove and isabel for a simple dinner and chill our night away