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Ombre Hair from 99 Percent Hair Studio

It’s been almost 2 months since i visited my salon as i wanna let my hair have a good rest from all the bleaching and dying of crazy hair colors for the past few months. So i decided to fix it just in time for chinese new year! Here’s a pic of my hair color before the change. It faded off from blue to turquoise and to this color… and let the transformation begins~~~

My Violet Purple Hair Color from 99 Percent Hair Studios

Still remember my previous hair color? It started from Blue and faded to a gradient galaxy color and lastly to pink with a bit of ashy color in it. It’s pretty unique and it caught quite a few attention and having people telling me that it looks cool~ very G Dragon. lol~ but as it went lighter and lighter, it got a little toooo attention seeking which i don’t really feel comfortable with, i decided to change my hair color.. Partially was due to my bbf wedding as well as i doesn’t want to shock the elderly pple with my hair when i stand on the stage lolx~ So it’s time to bid goodbye to my pink hair and welcome a new color 😉 As it’s not supposed to be too exaggerating, and upon discussing with my hair stylist, we decided to go for a darker tone of hair color.

OMG! I Have A Galaxy On My Hair!

After trying out colors like blond, red, brown, which are still considered pretty safe colors, i decided to go for a crazy color as suggested by the hairstylists at 99 Percent Hair Studios, which is BLUE! If you’ve been reading my recent Korea travelogue, you will notice my blue hair as i got it down on the day before i depart from singapore 😉 and i spent like 4 to almost 5 hours there before my hair turned blue~~~

My Super SHORT Hair with Ombre Dye!

So, the part which i hate the most about ICT is haircut. I did all my best to obey the rules and regulation for the correct haircut but in the end… still fail You know what the barber told me? the haircut that i’ve gotten when i went for my ICT was ACCEPTABLE at all reservist camps except the one i went to. They are EXTREMELY particular about haircut. So right after i book out from my ICT, the first place i headed down to is 99 Percent Hair Studio! I’m sure they can help to save my hair!!! After listening to what Jeron, my hairstylist for the day, explaining and suggesting me what he will be doing to my hair, i’m pretty worried about it. As my hair is already SHORT, he is going to cut it EVEN SHORTER! usually i don’t find myself looking good with short hair de leh~

Great Singapore Sales at 99 Percent Hair Studio!!!

Looking to have a different look of yourself? Or thinking of getting a new hairstyle or hair color? I’ve something GREAT to share with you guys! 99 Percent Hair Studio is currently running a Great Singapore Sales !!! 😀 ENJOY 50% discount for Hair Color and/or Hair Treatment WITH Hair Rebonding or Perming Services. The first 7 members who do PERMING will get a FREE curl energizer! Promotion starts : 25th May to 22nd July 2012! For more details, click on the link here ;D *ps : my hair color in the pic cool anot? If you like that, visit 99 Percent Hair Studio today! Read more about my experience with 99 Percent Hair Studio here!