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For a Healthier Chocolate Indulgence this Christmas, try Rocq Star’s range of Choc-Pops!

ROCQ STAR, a new chocolate brand under Auric Pacific Marketing Pte. Ltd, has launched a selection of dark chocolate-coated coffee beans – a first in Singapore – and a range of dark Choc-Pops. ROCQ STAR dark Choc-Pops pack a healthier punch with the natural antioxidants found in the real cocoa, fruits, and nuts used. In addition, ROCQ STAR’s Choc-Pops contain less sugar and fats compared to regular milk chocolate alternatives. They are also free of preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings, and sweeteners. Offering familiar favourites like chocolate-coated almonds, hazelnuts, and raisins, ROCQ STAR stands out from the crowd with their chocolate-coated dried cranberries, and coffee beans in espresso and mocha flavours. ROCQ STAR dark Choc-Pops come in easily re-sealable zip lock pouches. Their dark chocolate espresso and mocha coffee beans are just as handy, packaged in compact boxes for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere. ROCQ STAR products are initially available at all Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets, SPC and Caltex petrol stations, and Cheers convenience stores. The Choc-Pops can be purchased in 200g pouches for $6.90, and …

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Share the joy with festive promotions and party ideas from NTUC Fairprice!

The holiday season is just around the corner and NTUC FairPrice is kicking off the festive mood early for a Christmas full of surprises, with promotions at all FairPrice supermarkets and FairPrice Finest stores. Choices include festive goodies ranging from Traditional Roast Turkeys to custom Christmas Log Cakes, as well as unique items for appetisers and snacks. What’s more?! Stand to win a trip to Santa Claus Village or a staycation at RWS Ocean Suite when you take part in the lucky draw with a min. spend of $30 in one receipt ;)

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Once upon a time is now: Nespresso takes you to a place of endless delights and gift ideas this Festive Season

Bring a touch of magic to your festive season with a selection of exquisite and delightful gifts that will surprise and pamper your loved ones. Surprise Nespresso connoisseurs with a memorable selection of Limited Edition Collections, while not forgetting the ultimate Nespresso gift of a coffee machine. For coffee lovers, a gift of Nespresso Grands Crus 22 tales of pleasure, packaged attractively to accentuate the gifting experience, is sure to brighten one’s day. Nespresso showers this time of celebration with an array of delights and unique tasting experiences to add an element of mystery and new experiences to the every day.

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[News] UNA at One Rochester Launches Enhanced Menu

Passionately designed to embody the flavours of his heritage, Chef JP has crafted an enhanced menu to showcase his signature Parilla (Grill) and Tapas dishes. Savour his mouth-watering Scallops la plancha, crispy Suckling Pig, grilled whole Seabass, addictive Seafood & Chicken Paella, as well as his Signature Whole Roasts that boast the robust & full flavours of Spain & Europe – set within the lush alfresco gardens and cozy dinning areas. UNA at One Rochester 1 Rochester Park Singapore 139212 Tel : +65 6773 0070 Dining : 6:00pm to 11:00pm (Closed on Sundays) Tapas Bar : 6:00pm to 1:00am Sunday Brunch : 11:00am to 4:00pm UNA is closed on Mondays.

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RISE restaurant | Celebrate Oktoberfest with Barbeque Thursdays

RISE restaurant is an international buffet restaurant located at the lobby of Tower 1, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I have not tried the restaurant before, so it was a good opportunity when I got to try their buffet spread last Thursday. In celebration of Oktoberfest, RISE restaurant has added an outdoor barbeque station for patrons to enjoy! The outdoor barbeque will be available every Thursday for the month of October. You can look forward to many different kinds of grilled sausages such as juicy bratwurst, snail sausage, smoked pork and garlic sausage, cheeser krainer among other regular buffet favourites! The sausages are quite flavorful and there are six different kinds of mustards for you to try! Goes very well with the sausages I must say. I am usually not a sausage fan but those sausages were really good.

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Supply & Demand @ OrchardGateway

Not long ago, my friends decided to bring me out for dinner as I was kinda down and they brought me to this restaurant hidden in a corner at the newly opened Orchardgateway, Supply & Demand. From what my friend to me, it’s not easy to get a seat there as it’s always full and you need to make reservations online. If not, be prepared to queue up to more than an hour for a seat. We’re lucky as we didn’t wait for long, approx 20 mins on that day, though my friend made a booking online and only to know that he booked the wrong date LOL!

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New Found Gem – The Alley Cafe

Was looking for new cafes to visit few weeks ago with my colleague/gym fren and we found this new cafe along Keong Siak Street. The Alley Cafe. As we brought our laptop along, intending to clear my blog post while she intend to do research on her upcoming trip, we’re extremely happy when we got to know that they provide FREE WIFI ! :)

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[News] Discover Your Latte Moments with Starbucks This Autumn

Get the moment right every time and everywhere with our new Starbucks VIA® Latte, coffee, and richly indulgent autumn beverages, the French Vanilla Latte and Dark Caramel Latte This autumn, embark on a journey into espresso bliss as Starbucks Singapore invites customers to rekindle their love for the perfect latte. Start your personal coffee journey with our Starbucks VIA® Lattes made with the quality you expect from Starbucks. Now, you can have your favorite latte or caffè mocha whenever you like, wherever you are! Next, experience the creamy goodness of our new seasonal lattes available hot or iced – our new French Vanilla Latte and Dark Caramel Latte are a delightful taste of autumn, handcrafted specially for you to as you embrace the flavors of this season.

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Three Years in a Balloon

A few weeks ago, when my friends and I drove past Upper Paya Lebar Road, I caught sight of a yellow signboard with the words “Three Years in a Balloon” outside a shophouse. Being a sucker for cafes, I was excited and googled about it. I found out that it was a newly opened café, operated by the same people behind Wimbly Lu. Three Years in a Balloon specialises mainly in desserts such as cakes, waffles and ice cream. I also found out that it was only open on weekdays until 7.30pm. I don’t get home before 10pm usually (the café was near my home) so there was no way I could make it after work. Still, the hipster in me wanted to try the café – try it before everyone knows about it! – so I made up my mind to find a free afternoon to visit it. So here I am!

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Whale & Cloud – Many will seek but not all shall find

I guess this cafe is one of the most secretive cafe that i’ve ever know. Just like what my title says, many will seek but not all shall find. Phew~ we are the lucky ones to find it :) It’s located along Niven Road but you will not be able to see any store front nor a big sign saying CAFE HERE. Here’s a hint to you, there’s this blue door located along this stretch where you will need to knock on it. Locating this door isn’t hard but getting into this blue door, you might need some luck. If someone opens the door for you, you’re lucky today. If not, then sorry, you will have to come back again another day as seats in there are really limited.

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[News] SKIPPY® Peanut Butter gets REFRESHED in Singapore

SKIPPY® Peanut Butter fans, it’s time to rejoice! Singapore’s favorite peanut butter is here to give fans a refreshed, fun and engaging Facebook experience at The SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Singapore Facebook page serves as a platform for fans to share their love for SKIPPY® Peanut Butter. Fans will now be able to enjoy adventures filled with delicious peanutty taste, as well as a chance to win great prizes through online contests and promotions.

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Korean Cuisine at Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restuarant celebrates its 10th anniversary at a new prime location with larger seating capacity and an expanded line up of authentic home-styled korean food! Was happy to try out the new healthy and wholesome dishes that they offered. Especially the hearty Korean Imperial Hotpot with Assorted Vegetables ($39.00 per serving) that serves 2 to 4 pax. Definitely a must order if you are there with you friends :) You can choose between beef, pork of chicken meat with the super tasty soup stock that has been made flavourful and naturally milky through hours of slow boiling over a few days. With generous serving of fresh vegetables, this is definitely a must have if you are looking for something healthy.

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Sakae Sushi Introduces its New Fusion Menu with over 120 New Selections!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a food tasting by Sakae Sushi, which is launching a new menu with over 120 new selections! Sakae Sushi’s new menu has a variety of fusion dishes that marry Japanese classics with influences such as Peranakan, Korean, French and Chinese cuisine. We started with appetizers such as: Sakae Zensai Smoked duck wrapped with Japanese cucumber, salmon tataki, and spinach lightly tossed with yuzu dressing. A cold dish to get your appetite going.

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Ronin Cafe, Hong Kong Street

It’s Cafe hopping time and this time round, we visited Ronin Cafe, located along Hong Kong Street, directly opposite Central. You might not be able to notice it as there isn’t any signages that says Ronin Cafe but only the unit no. I love the ambience of the cafe. Very minimalistic and the use of rustic light bulbs, vintage-y furniture like old school cinema chairs and benches with fresh flowers placed on some of the tables.

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A Cosy Little Cafe and Bar that you’ll Love, Eight Cafe & Bar

With the recommendation from my friends and viewing pics of these cafe on instagram, I just have to add it into the list of cafe that i want to visit. It was really an impromptu decision, as my initial plan was to visit the cafe on a weekend afternoon, but since both my friend and I was thinking hard of a place for dinner, we decided to have it there. Eight Cafe & Bar is located along Bukit Pasoh, on the same stretch of street where The New Majestic Hotel is located. Be prepared to get Wow-ed by the vintagey interior decor ;)

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[WIN] New Premium Bakery : Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Sponsored Review Breakfast plays an important part in my life as it gives me energy to last throughout the day. The most common place that I will usually buy my breakfast for the next day morning will be the bakery. Other than those from the common brands that you see in major shopping malls, I personally quite like those that are found in the neighbourhood and one of them got to be Swee Heng. They provide a wide varieties of bread and cakes to choose from and they always have something that will surprise me hahaha~ When i got to know that they are opening a premium bakery in a shopping mall, i was hopping that it will be somewhere near where i’m staying, but… its in WEST MALL~~~ (pls pls have one in the EAST okay~) BUT! still i made a trip down to visit this new premium bakery which open not long ago.

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