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4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree with!

Sponsored Trip by Yea yea yea~ i’m back from bangkok and here i am sharing my 4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree with you guys now! Fast anot?! haha. I’m gonna consolidate the full trip into one entry instead of splitting them up into different days. Special thanks to, which provide the best travel deals in singapore,  both Calvintimo and I got to go for a 4D3N Shopping Spree trip in Bangkok! Read this on how we got such awesome deals! 😀 At the airport checking in our luggage 😉

Air & Sea Experience with! Ambassador Do you know that you can got for a very localized vacation right here in singapore if you do not have the time nor money to travel overseas? Singapore had developed rather quickly and there’s actually alot more stuff u can do here in singapore! How about trying out those touristy attractions in singapore? Ok.. i know you guys will be complaining that the admission tickets for these attractions are too pricey, but its way more CHEAPER when you purchased them from! ;D So, with the vouchers provided by, I invited Calvin Timo (a lifestyle and food blogger as well as my Best Blogger Buddies) for a wonderful AIR & SEA experience during the weekend! First, we went on the AIR experience on Singapore Flyer!

Fine Dining Experience @ Spizzico Ristorante Italiano Ambassador Fine dining is way more cheaper nowadays especially with all these awesome vouchers provided by! Now you can enjoy great food, in a great atmosphere, with great companion just like what i did with my best buddies in the army. With such cool deals, i’ve decided to give both of them a treat after our first ICT to as a reward for ourselves 😉 We visited this italian restaurant, Spizzico Ristorante Italiano located at UE square. Do remember to make a reservation before heading down as it might get pretty crowded at dinner time.

[Giveaway!] Deluxe 4-Course Lunch or Dinner @ Miss Clarity Restaurant

Singapore Blog Awards ( Best Shopping Blog) (ASUS Best Tech Blog) Thanks to once again as i always managed to grab great deals over there! After my previous deals experience at Mad For Garlic & AMICI Italian Restaurant, today, i went for a Deluxe 4-Course Lunch at Miss Clarity Restaurant with diana & kiki 😉

Are You Mad For Garlic? Garlic Lovers, You Gonna Love This!

Singapore Blog Awards ( Best Shopping Blog) (ASUS Best Tech Blog) Special thanks to, i managed to grab this awesome deal at $15 with a total worth of $30 vouchers at MAD FOR GARLIC! With such great deals on hand, i’ve decide to share it with my group of amblove! (ambience love just in case in u are reading my blog for the first time, they are my best buddies in the S.H.E Ambience fanclub). Made a reservation for a total of 9 pax in the afternoon and i strongly suggest u guys to do to so as the queue are really long during dinner time., Providing You Daily Awesome Deals!

Singapore Blog Awards ( Best Shopping Blog) Not sure if you guys are aware ( by right you should be aware of haha~) that i’m one of the finalist for 2011 Singapore Blog Awards : Best Shopping Blog! I’m gonna introduce you this awesome site that provide daily awesome deals ! I’m sure most of you pple know about this site right?! It’s ok if you don’t know as you’ll know more about it from this entry ;D