Two Minutes of Effective Brushing with Zenyum Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Singapore based smile cosmetics company, Zenyum announced the launch of its latest dental care innovation, Zenyum Sonic. Powered by sonic technology, the electric toothbrush offers consumers a comfortable and sensorial brushing experience, complete with a sleek monochromatic design.

Zenyum partnered closely with its network of regional dentists to develop Zenyum Sonic. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of its modern minimalist design, Zenyum Sonic ensures the best clean in under two minutes with some of the features, such as a perfectly angled soft DuPont bristles brush head, 33,000 vibrations per minute, which removes 21% more plaque with a speed that is 10 times faster than the average electric brush.


Another important part of oral health is changing brushes in a timely manner, as old splayed our bristles are unhygienic and can cause gum damage. To help with that, Zenyum offers a Brush Head Refill Plan where customers receive new brush heads automatically so they can regularly switch out to a fresh brush for more hygiene brushing, hassle free. 

I’ve been using it for the past 1 week and I’m quite impressed. I felt my teeth are cleaner, and it definitely helps me to reach those hard-to-reach areas. ⁠

There’s a total of 3 modes that you can choose from. ⁠

  1. CLEAN
    This is the mode that I will use everyday for a deep clean, especially for those hard-to-reach areas. ⁠
  2. GENTLE⁠
    For sensitive teeth user, got for this mode for a more gentle clean.
  3. WHITE⁠
    This is one of my favourite mode, which I will switch to after using the CLEAN mode, as It helps to polish and get rid of stubborn stains! ⁠

Charging is hassle-free too! It comes with a docking stand which you can connect to a USB outlet to charge. A full charge can last your for 3-4 weeks with daily brushing.⁠


😬 Brush your way, to a cleaner, healthier mouth, and all you need is just 2 minutes! #ZenyumSonic is now available for purchase on Zenyum website, as well as on Lazada, Shopee, Guardian’s eCommerce store and Guardian retail outlets. 

To help families start a healthy habit of electric toothbrushing together, Zenyum is offering family bundles, where consumers get a Zenyum Sonic free on the purchase of three or more brushes!

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