Say YES to KFC Chick ‘N Share for a Finger-lickin’ Good Deal!

When it comes to finger lickin’ good food, nothing brings people together more than combo-sharing meals with awesome price tags. You know you are onto something great when you have a fantastic deal and heaps of delicious food to share (with someone, or anyone tbh)! And that’s why you, me and everyone else are going to love KFC (even more) for its newest KFC Chick ‘N Share!

S$10 Chick ‘N Share Deals (Choose one from three options)

  • 5 pcs Chicken (U.P $16)
  • 10 pcs Hot & Crispy Tenders (U.P $13)
  • 25 pcs Nuggets (U.P $14.4)

Say YES to KFC Chick 'N Share for a Finger-lickin' Good Deal!

Now, what if your friends and family need some sides, and a drink or two to end the feast on a sweet note? Fret not, because KFC Chick ‘N Share has you covered:

S$16 Chick ‘N Share Meals (Choose one from three options)

Say YES to KFC Chick 'N Share for a Finger-lickin' Good Deal!

So, assemble your baes, fams and squads. Because with juicy deals like these, you just got to sink your teeth into it. Share your KFC Chick ‘N Share with someone or anyone at your nearest KFC now! Also available for Delivery from 15 Oct onwards.


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