Joe and the Juice – Your Daily Vitamin Boosts

Joe and the Juice provides for both your caffeine fix and your daily vitamin boosts. Founded by kasper basse a former elite sports karate fighter, Joe & the Juice first opened in Copenhagen in 2002. Designed with athletes in mind, Joe and the juice provides healthy quick-fix meals to support athletes in the quest for optimal performance. The Danish-Scandinavian coffee and juice bar has quickly become a cult favourite in 70 cities across Europe, Asia and now in Singapore!

Similar to an alchemist of olden times, the entertaining and cheeky guys of Joe and the Juice whipped up many interesting juice concoctions such as Hangover heaven (Apple/Elderflower/mint), Pick me up (Raspberry/Banana/Apple) to a “quick and dirty” Ginger shot(Ginger/Apple).


We got to try the TURKEY classic sandwich (Turkey/mozzarella/Tomato). The lightly salted turkey wrapped around 2 pieces of crunchy toasted bread imported from Copenhagen was tasty and the marriage of the gooey cheese and soft tomatoes bind the whole sandwich together.


Their insistence focuses on serving up only the freshest mix of nutritionally rich menu offering ensures that nothing is pre-made or packaged in advance. The result? Nutritious, delicious offerings served in a comfortable environment that articulates it’s Danish heritage.

With the use of locally designed interiors and soft lighting, each location establishes itself as a unique establishment.


Joe and the Juice

Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove
31 Ocean Way, 098373

Open daily from 8:00am – 10:00pm

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