CASIO G-SHOCK Singapore Kickstarts 35th Anniversary Celebrations with #WetheGs Campaign

Inspired by “G”, a slang commonly used in street culture, G-SHOCK Singapore is thrilled to announce #WetheGs campaign to commemorate its 35th anniversary this year. Slated to take place in the fourth quarter of the year, the campaign will showcase 35 years of G-SHOCK’s unique heritage in sports, arts, music and fashion.

Kicking off the Anniversary Celebration with #WetheGs Movie Series

The #WetheGs campaign kicked off on 13 September 2018 with a movie series that will be featured on G-SHOCK Singapore’s website, Set to be released over the next 2 months, the #WetheGs movie series will be shown in 3 volumes:


Fans are invited to make a guess of “Who that G” on the official contest page and stand a chance to win 35 limited edition anniversary watches that are designed in collaboration with the Gs featured in each volume.

G-SHOCKS meteoric rise in popularity among the youth within urban culture and street fashion since its inception in 1983 is a clear testament of it being a fashion-forward brand. From the classic DW-5600 and DW-6900 digital models to the GA-700 and GBA-800 models, G-SHOCK has constantly appealed to the youth and this trend sets to continue. For the first time ever, G-SHOCK Singapore is collaborating with a local prominent graffiti illustrator for the overall campaign visuals. Through the illustrator’s vibrant approach to art, the campaign will see the marriage between the traditional Japanese anime stylisation and the classic G-SHOCK street look, resulting in a distinctively Cool Nipponica style that brings G-SHOCK’s Japanese roots to life.

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