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[News] Be spoilt for choice with Fish and Co. New Hi-Tea Unlimited!

It’s the hottest buffet in town! Get your best buds and head down for the Hi-Tea Unlimited at Fish & Co., where you can enjoy all-time favourite mains, starters, pizzas, pastas, sides and free flow of soft drinks at a flat price. Sides, Starters, Pizzas, Mains, Pastas and Baked Rice- all you can eat for the price of only $18.95++. Available only from Monday to Friday, 3-6pm for dine-in at Sembawang and Downtown East outlets.

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A Day Trip to Malaysia for Durians with Diamond Tours

Sponsored Advertorial 2 weeks ago, I went for on a short trip with Diamond Tours to malaysia, hunting for some durians as it’s the durian season right now! and other than just having durian, we went to chocolate factory, bird nest factory and not forgetting shopping and yummy food! Read on as i share my 1 day trip to malaysia with diamond tours!

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Mooncakes & Wine Tasting at Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium

The Mid Autumn Festival is just round the corner and you will be able to see mooncakes from the various brands out there, coming up with interesting, or maybe unusual taste and very nice packaging to attracts you and stand out from the others. Last week, i had my first piece of mooncake at the mooncake and wine tasting session, organized by OpenRice singapore and hosted by Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium.

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Rokeby at Jalan Riang

Few weeks ago, i wanted to bring my bbfs for makan at the cajun king but it was fully booked that night. So we switched over to Wimbly Lu but still fully occupied.. we move down and finally settled down for some pasta at Rokeby which is located along Jalan Riang as well. It wasn’t very crowded like the other 2 when we enter but it got really crowded when we left. looks like the crowd came in slightly later for them. So.. what’s for dinner? let’s take a look at the menu…

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Brunch at DOC Department of Caffeine

Was supposed to head down for a brunch tasting session at raffles hotel last saturday but i didn’t managed to make it as i was already running late and the cab i took decided to brake down… so in the end i went for brunch with Mr C, since he is looking for someone to brunch together at DOC Document of Caffeine which both of us wanted to try out. :)

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A Visit to TCS, The Coastal Settlement

I’ve heard about reviews of this place but i’ve yet to visit as i don’t drive and it’s quite inaccessible in some ways. But luckily i managed to visit this place on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago as this friend of mine, i shall call him KT, drives ;) Really love the ambient of the restaurant as they are set up with very vintage and retro looking items. At the first glance, you would thought that they are selling vintage furniture instead of food hahaha~

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Taste the Fruity Fury Peri-Peri Angry Mango at Nando’s!

Food Review What’s the fruit that comes to your mind during summer? For me, fruits like watermelon, orange, pear and mangoes, probably because these are tropical fruits. Mangoes gotta be one of my fav fruit especially when it’s used in desserts like the famous Mango Ice (芒果冰) and the hong kong dessert (杨枝甘露). Very seldom i see it used as a main ingredients for a dish but nando’s recently introduced the Fruity Fury Peri Peri Angry Mango Burger! (wah this name damn long sia~)

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Thai-delicious Food from Coffee Stars by Dao

Whenever i walked pass this cafe located at level one of wisma, from the name Coffee Stars, i would think they its a nice cafe that sells cofffee, tea, cakes, pastries, waffles etc.. a perfect location for a afternoon tea or to chill-lax from the busy shopping in orchard road. BUT! i was wrong about it. :X soo sorry~ To my surprise, it’s actually a restuarant-cafe well know as Coffee Beans by Dao in thailand :) Let’s see what they have to offer :)

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Sawadeekrup! Bangkok Street Favourites at Thai Express

Sponsored Review Finally after missing so many fun filled activies organized for the Community Games 2013 bloggers, i managed to schedule time for this makan session held at thai express, bugis+ Thai food has been one of my favourite cuisine as i love the spiciness and the herbs they used in their food so i was really looking forward to this food tasting session and at the same time to finally meet some of the CG2013 bloggers!

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Happy Long Weekend!

It’s a long weekend and im sure alot of you are going on a overseas trip! some prefer to sleep the day through, some prefer to do something meaningful like visiting the dog shelter or old folks home, helping the needy people, some prefer to go to their fav restaurant or cafe and spend a lazy afternoon there, or some would just go catch a movie, ktv or maybe do some sports activities. There’s just too many things to do lah~ i’ve yet to make any plans but i would love to start my day with this !! The breakfast from Olio Cafe taste pretty good leh~ this was taken during cny period whereby i brought my parents there for breakfast. haha to them is like super atas~ but once in awhile i like to pamper my parents like this :P must have for me.. coffee!!! and yes, call me a coffee adict … so everyone out there, go enjoy ur LONG weekend and do something you like. Don’t waste it! :P

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Lunch at Secret Garden Restaurant at Chinatown Point

Hello readers! am back! a brand new me , a brand new self. I gonna be nice and treat myself even better from now onwards. :) anyway that’s not the main purpose of this entry la. I wanna introduce you guys this restaurant newly opened at chinatown point, not sure if they got other outlets anot but it’s my first time there. Secret Garden Restaurant. My first impression of the restaurant from the name was that they should be selling some kind of western food like pasta, steak etc but it’s actually a steamboat restaurant lor~ As we are having out lunch, we decided to have their lunch set menu instead of the steamboat. surprisingly the food taste not bad leh~ :D the set comes with a free drink of ur choice. This is one of the homemade tea flower tea if i remember correctly. *paiseh ah. i went for this during jan this year hahaha~

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Luk Yu Tea House at Chinatown Point

Company chinese new year lunch was settled at the newly renovated shopping mall, Chinatown Point which is now SO MUCH better than the best, with new restaurants and new shops! We decided to try out this teahouse which is supposed to be well known in hong kong and heard that the review of their food was pretty good. :)

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Nando’s Goes a Little Posh with The All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal

Sponsored Review Still cracking your head on where to go for your valentine’s day dinner? Not willing to spend too much on food that might not even fill up your stomach? Just wanna wear something more comfortable for your meal instead of wearing formal wear to a fine dining restaurant? How about having your dinner at Nando’s this Valentine’s day?! Introducing you Nando’s All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal! The Nando’s Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal is your “BREAST” choice with its double-breasted butterfly-cut chicken steak and two hearty side dishes of your selection to give you a  “PERI” gratifying sit-down meal!

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Savour the 1st MOF Japanese Hot Pot Buffet in Singapore at DANRO Japanese Hot Pot !

When it comes to eating steamboat or BBQ, i will always go for those that buffet style as i find it more hua suan as you pay a price and you can eat all you want and all you can! So far, i’ve only been to those chinese style steamboat buffet and when i was invited to try out the First Japanese Hot Pot Buffet in Singapore at Danro Japanese Hot Pot, i was extremely excited and looking forward to it! There’s a wide variety of selections for you to choose from, ranging from cooked to non cooked food. Definitely great for those whom wanna fill their stomach while waiting for their food to be cooked.

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Celebrate the Year of the Snake with Crystal Jade Symbolic Pen Cai Treasure Pot & New Nian Gau Flavours!

Food Review Chinese New Year is coming soon and have you decided on where to have your reunion dinner? Not sure about you, usually for me, we will go out for a simple reunion dinner nearby as we wanted to avoid the crowd and the long waiting time at the restaurant. Sometimes if we have enough time to spare, we will cook for reunion dinner and have it at home, but it can be quite tiring and causing alot of hassle, especially the cleaning up part -.-“ So what would be the best solution to this? If only i can enjoy awesome yummy food at the comfort of my home, without having to cook myself and make a mess in the kitchen? TAKEAWAY LOR! YES! the best solution is to takeaway from the restaurant and eat it at home! and i guess the best item to takeaway will be the Treasure Pot, also known as Pen Cai (盆菜) !

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My Self-Made Burger at Fat Boys Burger Bar with OpenRice!

When i received the invitation for this burger making session at Fat Boys Burger, i was quite looking forward to it and i quickly rsvp for it. Still remember the first time i visited them was in 2010 and i was already in love with their burgers! Got evidence one okay! so how can i miss this chance to make my own burger over there right? I was kinda late due to the heavy rain but luckily i didn’t miss out too much :P still in time to make my own burger patty which look like this.

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Cha Ba Lang Blogging : Bonchon Chicken 본촌치킨 at Bugis+

Can’t believe that i’ve not been blogging for the past 10 days! sorry about that but no worries as im back again! :P Glad to meet up with my bbfs over the weekend  and guess we decided to meet up at? Chinatown Point! It’s totally different now with alot more shops in there, and hopefully be able to attract more youngster too. We had our late lunch at EAT AT TAIPEI and i still rmb the first time when i eat there for lunch with my colleagues, the ru rou fan 卤肉饭 was kinda disappointing. the type of meat they used wasn’t right, and the rice seems to be too soggy. :X So this time round, i decided to try the 炸酱面 and luckily, it taste sooo much better than the previous time. Loved the generous supply of greens and though it may not taste as flavorful as it should from the pic, adding in some chili sauce will add in a tinge of spicy to it, making the whole taste more complete.

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