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Australian Lamb

Welcome Gourmet to your City Apartment!

Living in a modern city like Singapore, we are surrounded by many so-called gourmet restaurants, drawing us in for a classy meal. But dining out, do we really appreciate the quality of the food, and furthermore, are they truly authentic, and not processed or mass-produced? Are we paying unnecessarily exorbitant prices just to eat at a celebrity chef’s establishment? Stoke, the brainchild of Chris and Ruth, a couple passionate about artisanal food, lets us savour real gourmet food in the comfort of our homes. It’s a great reason to use our BBQ pit once again. Stoke is inspired by years of travelling around the world, and eating artisanal produce that hasn’t gone through a commercial manufacturing process. Bring fine dining to your pool parties, or spend quality time with the family with sensational food. Stoke’s gourmet BBQ parcels include authentic Spanish Pork Iberico, organic British- bred 97% pork sausages, organic beef and lamb, and tasty appetisers like gourmet paté, Iberico ham, Manchego cheese, and other gourmet delights. Co-founder, Chris.R.Vethaviyasar, shares his vision: “We’ve built a small network of artisan and heritage producers from around the world, who …

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Revel in a Gelato Bonanza at Earle Swensen’s

With a brand new year, comes spanking new dessert fanfare at Earle Swensen’s restaurants islandwide. Treat yourself to a luscious gelato experience as Earle Swensen’s introduce an all new gelato menu across all dessert offerings. Indulge in wondrous, silky smooth gelato that spans across a wide selection of 17 flavors, with eight of those flavors available at Earle Swensen’s exclusively, and not offered at sister restaurant, Swensen’s. Classic desserts also meet a gelato overhaul, with scoops of quality gelato accompanying delectable dessert creations such as the new permanent addition – Joy in a Jar, as well as other staple favorites like Poached Pear in Butterscotch and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. The Gelato Bonanza begins in Earle Swensen’s from 1st January 2015 onwards.

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carvers & Co cafe along east coast road katong

Carvers & Co along East Coast Road

Looks like Katong is getting more and more vibrant nowadays with cafes, pubs, massage parlour, shopping malls and hotel. One of the cafe that caught my attention got to be Carvers & Co. They served different menus on weekdays and weekends for both lunch and dinner. So there’s something different whenever you visit the cafe on different days ;) Menus are pasted onto old books which is a good way to recycle them. Deep fried sweet potato chips which can get so addictive… Anchovy Pasta Beer battered fish and chips Dark chocolate tart served with ginger nut and fresh cream which I think is really good ;) Not forgetting to order a cup of latte brewed with beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters. Or you can choose to grab a bottle of beer to go with the roast meats, their signatures. Carvers & Co is a cosy-bistro cafe, with the intention of encouraging parties and groups of people to connect over hearty meals and comfort food. So probably you might want to try this place for your next …

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Supply & Demand @ OrchardGateway

Not long ago, my friends decided to bring me out for dinner as I was kinda down and they brought me to this restaurant hidden in a corner at the newly opened Orchardgateway, Supply & Demand. From what my friend to me, it’s not easy to get a seat there as it’s always full and you need to make reservations online. If not, be prepared to queue up to more than an hour for a seat. We’re lucky as we didn’t wait for long, approx 20 mins on that day, though my friend made a booking online and only to know that he booked the wrong date LOL!

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Vday 2014 Photo 2 (SG)

[Valentine’s Day Special] Set the sails of your love boat for Fish & Co. this Valentine’s Day!

Set the sails of your love boat for Fish & Co. this Valentine’s Day! The best time of the year to shower your deserving love one with some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Be it your sweetheart, a dear friend or even a parent, express your earnest appreciation with this Bountiful of Love in a pan. Tuck into a heartwarming platter for two featuring flame-grilled tiger prawns, mussels, scallops, prawn fitters and crisp battered fish, served on a bed of Fish & Co.’s signature Paella rice and hand-whipped mash potatoes. The Valentine’s Day platter comes with 2 mocktails appropriately called Paris Passion and 2 soup of the day. This say you can’t put a price on love but for a value-for-money price of $49.95++, enjoy a tasty, simple and earnest meal with the one that matters the most. Fish & Co.’s Valentine’s Day platter is available from the 7th to 16th of February 2014 and is only valid for dine-in. Terms and conditions apply.

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Satisfy Cravings with Wholesome Snacks this Festive Seasons!

Sponsored Review Yes who don’t love to snack? Everyone love to snack, but it’s just what are the things that we snack on. Potato chips, chocolates, sweets etc? How about snacking the healthy way this Festive Seasons?! Introducing you Gardens Picks, an importer and OEM manufacturer of dried fruits and nuts for renowned restaurant chains, hotels and retailers across Singapore.

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3D2N in Penang : Straits Quay Plaza & The Ship Restuarant

Upon checking in to our wonderful hotel at Four Points by Sheraton and with the recommendation from the friendly staff, we took a cab arranged by the hotel to Straits Quay which is located not far from the hotel, approx. 10 mins drive to have our lunch. We settled down for lunch at PappaRich as it’s the only restaurant open with local food. Most of the restaurants there are selling western food, more like a chillax place with beer and wine.

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[Photo Post] TEMPORIUM, Visit Before it’s Gone

TEMPORIUM is a pop-up store, diner and gallery housed on Dunlop street in quaint Little India. Its a place where you get to enjoy a cup of artisan coffee and pastry, and to do some shopping ranging from fashion to books from a selection of designers, craftsmen and artists. A cross collaboration between several homegrown brands, including Papa Palheta, Wild Rocket and BooksActually, come together to deliver new experiences for visitors in a colourful neighbourhood.

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Five & Dime Eatery

Sometime ago, a friend of mine brought me to this eatery by the name of FIVE & DIME for a simple dinner meet-up. It’s located at river valley road, with a bus stop just right opp it. Five & Dime served belly-warming comfort food in a friendly and cozy atmosphere which i personally quite like it.

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Tamoya Udon at Chinatown Point

Tamoya Udon is located at the basement of chinatown point, very near to the escalator and entrance of Uniqlo. Was looking for a place to have my dinner with mr c a few months ago, yes too busy to blog lately! :X and he told me that he tried this when he was in Japan before and would like to see how it fair here in Singapore. Just a brief intro, Tamoya was established in the home on udon, Sanuki (now known as Kagawa) prefecture in 1996 by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa Here’s how to go about ordering your food. First you choose the type of udon that you want. Personally i prefer the Kake.

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A4 menu9path

[News] Be spoilt for choice with Fish and Co. New Hi-Tea Unlimited!

It’s the hottest buffet in town! Get your best buds and head down for the Hi-Tea Unlimited at Fish & Co., where you can enjoy all-time favourite mains, starters, pizzas, pastas, sides and free flow of soft drinks at a flat price. Sides, Starters, Pizzas, Mains, Pastas and Baked Rice- all you can eat for the price of only $18.95++. Available only from Monday to Friday, 3-6pm for dine-in at Sembawang and Downtown East outlets.

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A Day Trip to Malaysia for Durians with Diamond Tours

Sponsored Advertorial 2 weeks ago, I went for on a short trip with Diamond Tours to malaysia, hunting for some durians as it’s the durian season right now! and other than just having durian, we went to chocolate factory, bird nest factory and not forgetting shopping and yummy food! Read on as i share my 1 day trip to malaysia with diamond tours!

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Mooncakes & Wine Tasting at Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium

The Mid Autumn Festival is just round the corner and you will be able to see mooncakes from the various brands out there, coming up with interesting, or maybe unusual taste and very nice packaging to attracts you and stand out from the others. Last week, i had my first piece of mooncake at the mooncake and wine tasting session, organized by OpenRice singapore and hosted by Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium.

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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: 刘山东牛肉面 Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles

If you guys know me well enough, you will know that i don’t take beef, despite people telling me how good it is etc. So on my last taiwan trip, we were introduced to this infamous beef noodles stall located in one of the alley near taipei main station. Upon checking they they have other noodles instead of beef, i agreed to go check it out with the rest ;)

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Live it Loud, Live it Happy

Advertorial I was having dinner with a few friends the other day and one of them asked me : “Hey! You seems to be leading a very happening lifestyle hor~ see you always eat good food, go travel, go for staycations and all. How do you manage to stay so positive ah? You seem so stress-free!” Hahaha~ I burst out laughing after hearing his question. Come on, seriously, who can stay positive and stress-free all the time? Every single one of us will have ups and downs in our lives, but it’s about how you manage it. In order to cope, some people resort to clubbing, drinking, or even worse, take DRUGS! The 2 most common drugs that people take are Ice and Heroin. I seriously have no idea what it gives you by taking them. Maybe it will make you feel happy, excited and worry free? Maybe after taking these drugs, all your problems will be solved, all your worries will be gone and you will lead a happier life? NO! These drugs cannot …

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Rokeby at Jalan Riang

Few weeks ago, i wanted to bring my bbfs for makan at the cajun king but it was fully booked that night. So we switched over to Wimbly Lu but still fully occupied.. we move down and finally settled down for some pasta at Rokeby which is located along Jalan Riang as well. It wasn’t very crowded like the other 2 when we enter but it got really crowded when we left. looks like the crowd came in slightly later for them. So.. what’s for dinner? let’s take a look at the menu…

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[Cha Ba Lang Blogging] Virgin Post on a iPad Mini

This is super random as ive never try to do a blog entry without using a proper PC or laptop. I’ve saw people using their iPad or even their phone to write a entry out and I always question, seriously can do that meh? And now since I’ve gotten myself a iPad mini, I’m gonna to try it out! So this entry you are reading is created on an iPad mini ;) So.. The Singapore blog awards is over and yes, I didn’t win anything except a consolation prize for the best dress of the day. But I would still love to thank every single one of you that helped to vote for me daily and at the same time to congrats all the winners! :D Went on a short trip to job with my bbfs for food, massage and petrol on Sunday and the jam was quite a terrible one. We left at arc 7 and only managed to reach back at Singapore at 10 plus…

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Brunch at DOC Department of Caffeine

Was supposed to head down for a brunch tasting session at raffles hotel last saturday but i didn’t managed to make it as i was already running late and the cab i took decided to brake down… so in the end i went for brunch with Mr C, since he is looking for someone to brunch together at DOC Document of Caffeine which both of us wanted to try out. :)

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