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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: StayReal Cafe @ 东区

[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] series is coming to an end, and in case if you are wondering why you don’t see any concert related entries in this series, no worry as i will be posting them up soon. Stay Real cafe is located in dong qu where there’s alot of nice boutique shops which is very similar to our haji lane here in singapore. You might be able to find cheap deals but at the same time, you might be leave empty handed too haha~

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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: 刘山东牛肉面 Liu Shan Dong Beef Noodles

If you guys know me well enough, you will know that i don’t take beef, despite people telling me how good it is etc. So on my last taiwan trip, we were introduced to this infamous beef noodles stall located in one of the alley near taipei main station. Upon checking they they have other noodles instead of beef, i agreed to go check it out with the rest ;)

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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: 鼎泰丰Ding Tai Fung

鼎泰丰Ding Tai Fung, where everyone go for their infamous Xiao Long Bao, originated from Taiwan and since i’m there, and upon hearing from friends on how good it is in taiwan, we decided to try it there! The outlet we visited is located at Tien Mu SOGO and initially i thought it wouldn’t be crowded since its a weekend morning at 11am, but was surprise that the queue is super long lor!

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[台北演唱会初体验Concert in Taipei!] 美食篇: 永和豆漿 Yong He Breakfast Shop/八方雲集 Gyoza

Not sure if you have the same feeling as me, i noticed that there isn’t alot of places that you can go to for breakfast in taipei, or probably at ximending (maybe there are other nice places for breakfast but yet to explore them out), 永和豆漿 Yong He Breakfast Shop is one that i will always go to whenever i visit taipei :)

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[台北演唱会初体验Concert in Taipei!] 住宿篇: 丰居旅店Via Hotel

June was one of the month that im looking forward to as i’m finally flying off once again on a holiday since my last trip in sept last year. Other than that, it’s also the first time i’m heading to Taipei to catch my favourite group S.H.E comeback concert and most importantly with my ambloves! :D In this entry, i’m introducing you VIA HOTEL that we stayed at. It’s a pretty new hotel located in the heart of Xi Men Ding and it’s actually quite good leh! Here’s my room throughout the stay :)

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Let’s Go Taiwan! 來去台彎走一走!: 登上台北101! Taipei 101+Shopping Loots!

Finally the last entry of this whole series. You must be wondering why only 3 entries since i went for 4 days right? That’s because i’ve already blogged about my day 4, which is my last day in taiwan quite some time ago~ never read?! GO READ HERE NOW! Itinerary for the day is much less hectic than the other 2 days as we will be focusing more on SHOPPING today! and to celebrate mother’s day as well ;) (mother’s day falls on the next day.) Starting our late breakfast with oyster mee sua! 阿忠面綫!

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Let’s GO Taiwan! 來去台彎走一走!: 台中半日游 Half Day Tour in Tai Chung

Hooray! Finally done with my day 1 pictures of my recent taiwan trip with my parents! :D and here you go, presenting you : 來去台彎走一走!: 台中半日游 Half Day Tour in Tai Chung ! As usual, we took the flight from jetstar but something different this time round as usually, there’s only a morning flight there but surprisingly this time round, i managed to book a midnight flight there! which means you will have ONE FULL Day in taipei! :D Flight was at 1am and we will be arriving taipei at 6am in the morning (i know it’s freaking early la~).

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4D3N 台湾也能这样玩!Taiwan 2011 : Day 1 (Dan Shui 淡水, Shi Lin士林夜市)

Yoohoo! If you guys still remember, i went for a 7 days 6 nights taiwan trip last august with my bbfs right? We had so much fun then and this year, i brought my mum and aunties for a shorter yet quite fulfilling 4 days 3 nights taiwan trip! Early flight in the morning and we meet up 2 hours earlier before the flight for check-in and breakfast…

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 7 (Taiwan Food Court in Xi Men Ding, 美食街,Departure 桃园国际机场)

sad to say, it’s our day 7 in taiwan, also our last day in taiwan… 好舍不得哦!but what to do? still have to go back to reality ma LOL! ok.. pardon me for my emo-ness~ our last day in taiwan, we went for our lunch at this food street, somehow similar to our food court in singapore. There are alot of varieties to choose from… be it local taiwanese delicacies, to korean bi bim bab, tepanyaki and many more!

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 6 (Xi Men Ding 西门町, STAGE, Mirada, Shi Lin Food Street 士林夜市美食街, Shopping Loots 购物战利品, Hair cut 新发型)

Day 6 in Taiwan! Woke up slightly earlier with zhi wei & rachel and we went for a haircut at the saloon below our hotel… :) Loved the way they greet their customers, the services they provide and afterall, i’m happy with my hair cut, though i find it a little too short.. When we are done, they sent us to the lift, press the lift for us and thank us when we enter the lift, saying bye bye.. they even did a 90 degree bow leh~ really got the feel sia~ LOL! Went back to our hotel before we head out for the day! it’s a bathing ape day as we’re all wearing the tees from bathing ape.. lazy to explain why we are have the bathing ape tee.. go read here and u’ll know.. OK? hahaha ~ Extremely sunny day! went for lunch at our favourite lu rou fan stall… and tada.. that is my new haircut :D

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 5 (Taipei 101 台北101, New York New York 纽约纽约, Mr Zhang’s Lu Rou Fan 胡须张鲁肉饭, 24Hrs Carrefour 家乐福)

Day 5 in Taiwan! Decided to have Mac Donald for breakfast! as i wanted to eat the pork burger… but too bad, we didn’t manage to make it on time.. so we have the lunch value meal instead. But i still managed to have something different from singapore meal… Grilled Chicken Burger 板烤鸡腿堡 not bad.. quite nice and it’s quite a big burger too! just nice for me! ;D After breakfast, or i would say brunch, we went for ice cream dessert!

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 4 (Yong Le Market 永乐市场, Wu Fen Pu 五分埔, Breeze Square 微风广场, BBQ Steamboat Buffet 吃到饱烧烤火锅 )

our 4th day in taiwan and it’s a saturday! usually pple love to go for yum cha on weekends right? ( ok, maybe u may not agree with me, but whatever~ haha ) So we decided to pamper ourselves a little and we went to this restaurant, Hung Kan Restaurant 红墈 for DIM SUM 点心breakfast! :D (it’s the same writing as the hong kong famous hung kan stadium if u notice the chinese words.) Initially, the waitress told us that we needa make reservation beforehand.. but she managed to squeeze out a table for us just when we’re about to leave haha.. nice right? They have quite a wide variety of dim sums for us to order.. and they are not as expensive as those we eat in singapore…!

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 3 (Jiu Fen 九份, Dan Shui 淡水老街, Yu RenMa Tou 渔人码头 )

Rise & shine! it’s another busy day haha.. today, we will be going to Jiu Fen 九份, Dan Shui 淡水老街 and Yu RenMa Tou 渔人码头! SOO FUN! as we will be taking mrt, railway train and ferry!! Alright before we start our journey proper, we needa fix out stomach first with yummy breakfast!

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吃喝玩乐在台湾 Taiwan Trip with BBFs : Day 1 (Arrival, Xi Men Ding, Party World KTV)

Alright! finally managed to finish at least half of the images and videos for my taiwan trip one week ago. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! and thanks to my bbfs, my mum and aunties for sponsoring my air tickets and a little allowances for this trip as my birthday present! Wee~~~ 04th August 2010, Wednesday Was still packing my luggage the night before my flight and i slept at ard 12am. Actually wanna create a few blog entry to be scheduled during my trip but was so busy that i didn’t have the time to complete them. ps : eyes damm red.. not enough sleep…

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達人的台灣之旅 Darren’s 1st Trip to Taiwan!

大家期待已久的达人台湾之旅终于要登场咯~! 注意:由于太多图片以及影片,建议大家先让本页把所有图片以及影片显示完毕后再来阅读,这样会比较好哦~ 由于图片有中文解说,所以本篇文章会以英文为主。 Note: Due to the large quantity of photos and videos clips, i suggest you to let the page load before reading the post as this will make your reading more smoother.. As there’ll be chinese explaination on the photos, therefore this post will be written in english.

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