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Yokoso Japan! Tokyo Day 2 : Asakusa (Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple), Ueno Street, Harajuku, Shibuya

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Despite sleeping at ard 4am the night before, surprisingly i still managed to wake up at 7am to wash up and prepare for breakfast at 8am! There’s actually 3 different restuarant for you to have your breakfast at with the breakfast coupon and since it’s a really sunny bright day, we decided to have our breakfast at the Manhattan Table, which is located at 25F with a spectacular view of the city! 😀

Yokoso Japan! Tokyo Day 1 : Departure, Arrival, Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Shinjuku Red Light District

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Before i start my post proper, i gonna thanks F&N Sparkling Drinks for sponsoring this trip!!! If you are a loyal reader or “fans” of my blog, you will know that i actually won the Spread the Groove title from the Spread the Groove Blogging Challenge organized by F&N sparkling Drinks for the Singapore Dance Delight 2011. The purpose of this trip is to cover the GRAND FINALS of Japan Dance Delight whereby Joyce & the Boys will be representing Singapore to compete with the other competitors! If you missed out on the fun we bloggers had during our “challenge” days, you can read more about it here. So finally, i get to fly to Japan!!! woohoo~ initially was to Osaka but they changed the venue to Tokyo this year instead! 😀

Joyce And The Boys LIVE! in Tokyo [Japan Dance Delight VOL.18 Results]

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Super hardworking i can say as it 3.00 am now, just reached back hotel not long ago from dinner after the competition held this afternoon. It’s held at YOKOHAMA, another city out of toyko and we took approx and hour to reach Pacifico Yokohama. Japan Dance Delight VOL.18 poster…

Joyce And The Boys LIVE! in Tokyo [Interview]

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Woohoo! finally arrived in TOKYO and the time now is 3.45am Japan Time and i’m sacrificing my sleep just to give u guys updates on JOYCE AND THE BOYS over here LIVE! in Tokyo! It was an early morning flight and here we have JATB together with their family members, fans and friends sending them off at the airport.

Flying Off to Tokyo In Less Than 10 Hours Time!

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks YOOHOOO!!! DREAM COME TRUE ! finally im gonna land my feet on the shopping and fashion paradise, TOKYO in less than 10 hours time! OK! in your mind you must be thinking, why i keep on going overseas one~! so rich isit? NO, i earn for my trips ok~! This trip is made possible by F&N Sparkling Juice as i’m one of the winner in the “F&N Spread The Groove Blogging Challenge” for the Singapore Dance Delight 2011 held in early March this year! So together with William, one of the winner in the blog challenge as well, we will be flying over with the winner of The Singapore Dance Delight, JOYCE AND THE BOYS, to Tokyo for the Grand Finals of  Japan Dance Delight 2011~! They will be representing SINGAPORE to compete with the other dance team from around the world! If you missed their OUTSTANDING performance at the finals in singapore, here’s a clip for you!