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Special reports on S.H.E Singapore Trip!


S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER 新加坡演唱会2013

2010,我们因爱而为一 2013,我们要2GETHER 4EVER 那一夜, 我们一起见证了永恒的美好 我们一起缔造了一片幸运草绿色荧光海 为了这次的新加坡场,我们费尽了许多时间,精力,人力,体力。。。 就为了想给S.H.E一个别具意义的惊喜。很感谢大家的鼎立配合,这份惊喜才能顺利的完成。 这12年来,S.H.E 可说是已经融入了我的生活里。还记得第一次听到《恋人为满》时,就开始喜欢上她们了。第一次购买她们的专辑是从《美丽新世界》开始,一直到现在,一张都没少。第一次参加签唱会,也是S.H.E。第一次演唱会的初体验也就献给了她们。当时还只是一名学生的我,买了两张$80的票,带着我妈一同看了Double WOW的拼盘演唱会,也是S.H.E首次在新加坡开唱。同样的,每一场新加坡演唱会都没缺席过。今年,我在次带着我妈一同前去观赏这场充满欢笑与泪水的演唱会。 好多第一次都献给了她们耶!回忆满满,真的无法一一写下,不过我知道,这些回忆会一直留在我心里。 80岁的约定,不能毁约哦! S.H.E, The One & Only…

[Darren Bloggie 台北直击] S.H.E.Reunite! 强势合体,出席Top Girl蝴蝶起飛公益記者會!*附完整视频*

HELLO READERS!! got miss me ma? haha~ okay!! im back from my taiwan trip and it was really a super memorable one!! Give me sometime as i prepare those pictures ive taken for the trip before sharing them over here with you guys ~ ;D SO the memorable part is this, i GOT TO MEET S.H.E IN PERSON!!! that’s like their very first public appearance together with SELINA after 1 and a half years! SUPER GAN DONG the moment i saw the three of them together and most importantly SELINA!! *eyes turning red now.. :'(* As i needa update those pictures on our fc blog, i’ve managed to edit these images first and since these images are ready, i shall share with you guys on this event first! ;D It was pretty rushing for us as we have a evening flight to catch and we needa leave to the airport at 4.30pm. Event starts officially at 2pm and will probably end ard 3.30 to 4pm but we still decided to give it a try..

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011 : Preparation & Performance with Ella

Phew, finally managed to get this post done before i leave for bali. okok, let’s start now!~ 2nd April, Sat, the day where we’ll be performing together with ella on the stage of the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011! We really considered ourselves as some superstar/artists ok! We booked ourselves a total of 3 rooms at Fairmont Hotel for a night! If you know the entertainment industry well, usually those artistes will be checked into a hotel room for preparartion before heading for a ceremony right? So, we must also do the same ma~! we also needa 梳妆打扮! haha~

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011: Ella Arrival

WOOHOO! i’m still feeling extremely excited when i write about this entry! BUT i shall get into topic before you guys start complaining! So, on 1st april, we went over to the airport in the morning for ella’s arrival in singapore! yes, no april fool joke ok~ Look at the crowd ! We are very supportive one ok~ we do not care whether if they are coming individually or as a group, we will still go to the airport and welcome there. That’s how united the S.H.E fans are!~ While waiting for her arrival, we bought a box of pandan cake and decided to arrach a short message on it and pass it to her


太感动了啦!今晚特别的温馨! 感谢Hebe和Selina送上的感谢录音片段。 感谢全台上上下下的工作人员,各大主办单位以及华研国际音乐。 感谢你们让我们能够拥有那么特别的回忆。 谢谢大家!谢谢S.H.E! 谢谢! 最佳线上后援会:S.H.E梦幻天堂!   请大家容许我们一点点的时间让我们把影片以及照片整理好,在为大家送上最完整的报道!如果你已迫不及待想先睹为快,那请看看以下的影片,与我们一同感受当晚的感动。 credit to : cloud0807 还有记得锁定omy的精彩视频哦! *ps : “新加坡e乐大赏2011”庆功派对将于4月22日晚上8点,通过都会台(星和视界第825频道)播出,Channel[V]也将作延后播出。*

《LOVE!田馥甄To Hebe 新加坡宣传之旅》娱乐跟屁虫 : LOVE! 田馥甄To Hebe Autograph Session @ Square 2

Extremely tired after reaching back home from the showcase the previous night, BUT, knowing that i’ll be able to see Hebe and work together with my amblove for the day, it just keep me motivated and giving me the energy that is needed for the day 😉 ! Reached the mall at 8am in the morning and the queue was rather long outside the mall already. Most of them actually went down and queued overnight after the showcase. By noon, crowd started moving in batch by batch…

Hebe田馥甄新加坡行 + Selina祈福活动 完整报道

10月28日,我们见 证了大家的爱心。在最短的时间里,我们筹备了这项活动,《1000只纸鹤为Selina祈福》,但没想到竟让获得各大媒体的关注, 帮我们推广这项活动,并前来采访。我们也非常感谢Heeren的Mac Donald 愿意为我们提供场地。原本我们还担心无法筹集到1000只纸鹤,不过我们的担心是多余的,因为大家都充满了爱!人潮不断的涌进,看见大家手里拿着为 Selina祈福的纸鹤以及卡片,我们都非常的感动。我们一共筹集到了5236只纸鹤!再次的感谢大家, 感恩~