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Hair Cream Bath at Immortelle Atelier

Sponsored Review Having an important meeting to attend or going on a date with someone you’re interested? I’m sure you would like to make sure you look, feel and smell good too right? Especially our hair which tends to get oily easily. Not to worry, here’s something that I would like to share with you which I’m sure it’ll benefit you! Before i proceed to tell you what is it going to be, let’s go on a mini tour around the salon! It’s really very nicely decorated and I personally quite like it. Especially the super wider mirror with lights which shout “best lighting for selfie” ! lol~

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Get Shielded today with Bio Shield!

Advertorial Our skin gets the most exposure to germs around us and its important for us to protect our skin with products that is safe and benefits us. Introducing your Bio Shield, an organic body protectant designed to maintain and enhance our skin’s immune function :) Since its launch in 2010, Bio Shield remains the top body protectant for adults, children and babies!

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New Hair Color at 99 Percent Hair Studio

My hair tends to grow pretty fast and i need to visit the hair salon almost once every month for a hair cut or trim. It’s also been a long time since i did my hair color, the last was chinese new year if i’m not wrong hahaha. Therefore this time round, my hairstylist, FION decided to do a color change on my hair! BUT before that, let me take a selfie first! hahaha~

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[2013 Xmas Guide + Giveaway] World’s First Shaver that Put Shaving Irritation on Ice by Braun!

Sponsored Review What irritates you the most for your daily shaving routine? The shaving irritation like burning, itching, redness and skin tension irritates me the most. Other than that, the need of having to replace your blade (which is quite expensive) and shaving foam is one factor which I do not like about too.

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OXY Oasis Therapy at EHA Clinic

Sponsored Review Recalling back the last time i went for my facial session, i actually couldn;t remember when was it as it’s been so long ! Was glad when i got to know about this and special thanks to EHA for being the Official Skin Sponsor of Darren Bloggie! WOOHOO~ now i can have fabulous skin haha! So to kick start with, i went for the Oxy Oasis Therapy last week and i enjoy myself at the session! A selfie right before we begin the session ;)

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A Soothing Foot Reflexology Experience at Feet Haven

Whenever i visit coutries like bangkok, bali, phuket, i will definitely go for massage. Be it a body massage or foot massage as i always feel so good after each session (provided you get the right masseur that is doing the work for you). Not long ago, i received an invitation to try out the foot reflexology at Feet Haven and then i realized that i’ve yet to try out massage here in our country, so i decided to have my first experience with Feet Haven :)

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My Most Comfortable Slimming Experience with POWERSLIM STUDIO at The Spa Artisan Fullerton

Sponsored Review I know there are many people out that that wanna slim down so as to look better, and whenever the thoughts of things that you need to do in order to slim down comes to your mind (example, spending hours gymming, running etc) you will always give yourself an excuse that this is just tooo tiring right? and eventually you will not do anything at all. How about telling you that by spending 55 mins lying down on a bed is as good as you’ve went through a 5 hours gym session? sounds not bad right? YES! Introducing you PowerSlim IMPACT, the all new slimming treatment that uses innovative technology of the PowerSlim Studio, located at The Spa Artisan in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, offers a relaxing and unique slimming experience for busy professionals like you and me! This is a perfect solution for busy individuals who wants to maintain their figure in spite of their hectic schedule as PowerSlim IMPACT assures that “55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in a gym” ! Thanks to …

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My First Medi Facial Experience at EHA Clinic

Sponsored Review It’s been quite some time since i last went for my facial and this time round, i going for a Medi Facial at my favourite EHA Clinic :D okay you must be wondering what’s so special with Medi Facial?  Isn’t it just like any normal facial? Nope! you are wrong~ Medi facial provides a longer lasting effect and the staff have to be trained by the doctor. Equipment used have to be of medical grade and can only be performed at a medical clinic. Not those normal facial salon u visit :) Enough said, let’s begin…. with a BARE face of me! not like i put on make up, but this is my face after cleansing :)

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Ombre Hair from 99 Percent Hair Studio

It’s been almost 2 months since i visited my salon as i wanna let my hair have a good rest from all the bleaching and dying of crazy hair colors for the past few months. So i decided to fix it just in time for chinese new year! :) Here’s a pic of my hair color before the change. It faded off from blue to turquoise and to this color… and let the transformation begins~~~

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Be A Playboy VIP with Playboy VIP Fragrance + GIVEAWAY!!!

Sponsored Review The first impression you gave people would be your appearance. What you wear maybe important to impress someone but make sure you smells good too! i’m sure it would be such a turn off for you if someone actually don’t smell really pleasant right? For the ladies, they tend to go for something more sweet in their fragrance while for the men, it’s recommended to go for something that makes you smell more refreshing and attractive. And… and i would like to introduce to you this range of fragrance from PLAYBOY! yes, that rabbit logo ;P

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Loving You, Loving Marina Bay with OSIM!

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger Hello readers! Anyone missing my marina bay countdown 2013 updates? Was really busy with work and some other adhoc stuff which explains the lack of updates but NO WORRIES! I’m back again! and this time round i’m gonna introduce you to this local brand which i’m sure MOST or even all you know are aware of and its… OSIM is the first local sponsor for this year Marina Bay Countdown Photography Competition 2013 and i think it totally fit into the theme for this year : “Loving You, Loving Marina Bay”. OSIM is all about inspiring well-bring and it cares for every single user of OSIM products. They have a wide range of products from keeping you relieve and relax to tone and shape! :D and for your info, i was super excited and happy when they got S.H.E to be one of their ambassador for the uKimono when it was first launched! :D Knowing that we needa walk alot covering marina bay countdown event, one good example is …

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[Christmas Special Giveaway] Have A Deeply Relaxing Christmas with Kneipp Natural Skincare Jasmine & Argan Oil

Still in the midst of deciding what christmas gift to get for your friends? How about giving your loved ones a deeply relaxing christmas with Kneipp Natural Skincare Jasmine & Argan Oil! Jasmine is well known for its aromatherapeutic effect which deeply relax and sooth with it’s exotic and richly floral scent ;) Argan oil helps to hydrates, softens and protect skin from pre-mature againg, giving you that youthful glow that im sure everyone love right?!

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Celebrate This Christmas with My VMVery Favourite Things!

Sponsored Review It’s Christmas time! So have you decided on what christmas gifts to get for your loved ones this coming christmas? How about getting them a set of skincare products from VMV Hypoallergenics!? The packaging is just SOOOO pretty & Xmasy~ ! Totally loved it! I’m sure anyone who received this will be extremely happy ;)

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My Violet Purple Hair Color from 99 Percent Hair Studios

Still remember my previous hair color? It started from Blue and faded to a gradient galaxy color and lastly to pink with a bit of ashy color in it. It’s pretty unique and it caught quite a few attention and having people telling me that it looks cool~ very G Dragon. lol~ but as it went lighter and lighter, it got a little toooo attention seeking which i don’t really feel comfortable with, i decided to change my hair color.. Partially was due to my bbf wedding as well as i doesn’t want to shock the elderly pple with my hair when i stand on the stage lolx~ So it’s time to bid goodbye to my pink hair and welcome a new color ;) As it’s not supposed to be too exaggerating, and upon discussing with my hair stylist, we decided to go for a darker tone of hair color.

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Skin Tightening and Body Contouring using Near Infrared Technology (NIR) at EHA Clinic

Sponsored Review Not long ago, was invited for a trial session of the latest Near Infrared technology which helps in skin tightening and body contouring at the EHA Clinic. Was feeling excited as anything to make myself look good, i will be more than happy to try! (and must be SAFE as well la~) A safe infrared light heats the tissue under the skin’s surface which helps in tightening skin laxity and improving skin architecture. With the formation of new collagen, it enhances the tightening effect and at the same time helps to bolster the skin against furture aging and maintain the skin’s youthful resiliency and texture. That’s how the device looks like. :) All you need to do is to lie down comfortably on the bed, and the friendly staff and take care of everything. A cooling gel will be applied on the area that you want to have your treatment at as it will get a little hot or warm during the treatment.

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