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New Aromachologie – Rebalancing Line from L’OCCITANE

This October, L’OCCITANE launches a new line of products with 100% natural energizing scent and scientifically proven rebalancing effectiveness. Discover the rebalancing ritual to awaken your senses and bring well-being and harmony to body and mind. Aromachologie consists of three lines of products: Relaxing, Revitalizing and Rebalancing. Whenever possible, the formulas are made with naturally derived ingredients, and combine the benefits of botanical active ingredients with aromas that have a revitalizing or soothing effect. Rebalancing Shower Gel 250ml, $33 This exfoliating shower gel, made with purifying essential oils, helps to revive the skin. Its scent is 100% natural. < Rebalancing Massage Cream 200ml, $69 This cream, with its fresh, gel-like texture, is massaged over the body to help stimulate microcirculation and re-oxygenate the skin. Its scent is 100% natural. Rebalancing Black Soap 150g, $39 An olive oil based body soap paste to cleanse skin and rid it of impurities. This olive oil-based soap paste for the body cleanses the skin and rids it of impurities. Rebalancing Face Mask 75ml, $39 This face mask helps to …

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Get Uplifted with Diamond Polar at EHA Clinic

The most common cause of sagging skin is aging, and as you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin which is supposed to make you skin look soft, plump and youthful. Facial muscles weaken with age as well and as you age, more exposure to the dreaded pull of gravity causes skin to sag a little further down with each passing day. Not only that, you skin will tends to look tired and droopy. BUT! Not to worry as with the help of Venus Via Diamond Polar from EHA Clinic, you can achieve a uplifting face :) Venus Viva Diamond Polar is a technology that utilizes the proven Magnectic Pulse Technology combining Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnectic Fields, it provides a non-invasive skin tightening treatment which is safe for all skin types. If can be used on the face, neck and other hard to reach body areas. The applicators unique electrode placement can treat around the eyes, along the jowls and other smaller body parts to smooth skin, wrinkles and fine lines. My mum was …

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MTG Releases SIXPAD, Ronaldo-Inspired Training Gear

AIBI introduces a new Body Revolutionary product called the SIXPAD, inspired by global football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, which aims to deliver a toned abdominal without heavy training using CMM pulses that can be used any time and worn under your clothes. Weighing at 84g, the Training Gear SIXPAD uses the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles. “I am very happy and honoured to be here to present the SIXPAD. It’s a fantastic product which I believe will give anyone, regardless of their age, better abs,” Ronaldo, the official ambassador of the product, said at the launch event. For over 30 years, Professor Moritani’s research has focused on the effects of EMS training on muscles. Through repeated verification tests, he has also determined that the effective frequency for training is 20Hz, which he incorporated, in the SIXPAD training program. AIBI International is the sole distributor of MTG’s Athletics beauty series endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. During this product launch special, the Training Gear SIXPAD Abs Fit …

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Real Smiles with The Real Red® by Pearlie White®

Pearlie White®, Singapore’s only home grown maker of oral care products, today announced The Real Red® toothpaste as the newest addition to its family of products. Retailing at S$3.95, it is Pearlie White®’s most affordable variant yet and delivers on Pearlie White®’s promise, which is, to make high-quality, made-in-Singapore oral care products readily accessible to value-conscious consumers. Proudly Made in Singapore Entirely and exclusively manufactured in Singapore at Pearlie White®’s GMP (ISO22716) certified facility in Ang Mo Kio, the anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste contains no harsh chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, saccharin, parabens, triclosan or artificial colouring – just straight up, cavity-fighting honest toothpaste. The Real Red®’s design and packaging, proudly and suitably bears the lion head symbol used to promote our national identity. Its launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign to capture the real smiles and genuine emotions of Singaporeans. The Real Red® is available at all major department stores, personal care stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and Pearlie White®’s website. The proudly made-in-Singapore toothpaste will be available at a recommended retail price of …

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Maintaining Wellness & Good Health with TCM at Aegle Wellness Clinique

Sponsored Review Are you feeling stress from work? Having issue with your weight management or looking to improve your overall health and well being. This might interest you if you have any of these issues. Not long ago, I was introduced to Aegle Wellness Clinique which provide a wide range of TCM treatments to help maintain and optimize my well being. If you know me well enough, I’m sure you are aware that I’m having some joint issues, also known as arthritis as diagnose by the doctor during my NS days. So I was really excited about trying and see what they have to offer. Aegle Wellness Clinique is located at Rochester Park, a 10 mins walk or less from Bouna Vista MRT station, in a black and white colonial bungalow, which gives you a relaxing, peaceful and tranquil environment once you enter. Physician Kong performs a thorough physical assessment as well as my health history so as to better understand my conditions before suggesting the most suitable and appropriate treatment for me. To be …

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Pearlie White® Introduces A.R.T. Active Remineralization Toothpaste

Bacteria in plaque produces acids that damage one’s enamel over time. Introducing Pearlie White®’s A.R.T. Active Remineralization Toothpaste which is developed especially for individuals seeking to actively repair and strengthen demineralized and sensitive teeth to their optimum condition. Made in Pearlie White’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified facilities in Singapore, the toothpaste contains Hydroxyapatite, one of the main minerals that tooth enamel is made of. When one brushes their teeth, the hydroxyapatite micro particles from the toothpaste will bond with and repair demineralized tooth enamel. Xylitol, another ingredient in the toothpaste, raises the pH level of saliva in the mouth, to encourage the natural minerals found in saliva to be deposited into demineralized tooth enamel. It also helps inhibit dental plaque acid production.   Other unique features of Pearlie White’s Active Remineralization Toothpaste include: Extra Gentle Formula with NO SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), Triclosan, Parabens, Saccharin Titanium Dioxide, Artificial Coloring, PEG (polyethylene glycol), PPG (polypropylene glycol),  Alcohol, DEG, Peroxide, Petrochemicals, Phthalates/Plasticizers, Retinol/AHAs, Mineral Oils or other harsh ingredients and abrasives Gently removes tooth stains with Calcium …

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Travel Essentials with Laneige Perfect Renew Travel Set

Sponsored Advertorial Packing for travelling trips can be tedious. I spent time picking and matching the clothes I need to bring for my trip, and making sure I bring extra clothings in the event that I need them urgently, but most of the time I came back home with a few sets of clothes that I’ve never wore. haha~ Another important item that I cannot miss out when I travel would be my skincare products. Personally, I have a few skincare products which i use daily and they are mostly my facial wash, moisturiser, toner, sunblock and the list go on and on… But with the Laneige Perfect Renew Travel Set, it gave me so much convenience! The Laneige Perfect Renew Travel set comes with five essential products that help to achieve clear, healthy and young-looking skin. I LIKE~~~ Multi Cleanser (30ml) This multi-cleanser not only helps to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, it acts as a makeup and sunscreen remover. Especially the ladies would love this as they do not have to bring additional …

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GILLETTE & STARK INDUSTRIES Unite To Spark A New Age Of Shaving

In what may be the most perfect union of superpowers, Gillette and Stark Industries have joined forces with one goal in mind: creating one of the best razors in the world using Avengers-inspired technology. Having conquered robotics, aeronautics, fringe science, and weaponry, Stark Industries is no stranger to the toughest technological challenges of our time – and building a razor that rivals Gillette’s best razor to date, the Fusion ProGlide is no easy feat. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor is born by design and carefully engineered with superior attention to detail. It provides the best shaving technology for sensitive skin, and glides through hair with ultimate precision, to offer incredible comfort for a closer shave that will leave all guys looking sharp and feeling confident every time. With the critical mission to set a new standard for all razors moving forward, Stark Industries’ R&D team has adapted its renowned technology to build four prototypes of razors modeled after members of the Avengers: Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. The Repulsor1 with Exoblade has an Arc Reactor Technology that generates a perpetual energy supply …

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Share the Love and Enjoy 50% Off from Immortelle Artlier!

My mum was “complaining” to me that my face is so radiant as I always go for my facial and when am I bringing her to one. So in preparation for chinese new year, I brought my mum along to Immortelle Artlier for facial too! :) She love the whole process am she’s loving it! She went for the Cryolift treatment,which uses more than 12 vitamins, 24 different amino acids and various minerals and anti oxidants which causes the micro blood to flow in the skin that helps to reverse the aging process. Cryolift treatment helps fatigued skin regain firmness, tone and give it radiance. She was so happy when her colleagues told her that her face is literally glowing the next day when she went for work after the facial. hahaha~ You can do so by sharing the love with your loved ones this March too! Be it your parents, your grandparents, your aunties uncles, BFF or even colleagues, book an appointment together with your plus one and receive 50% off* (each) on all non promotional …

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99 percent hair studio manicure pedicure-6

Manicure & Pedicure Services Available at 99 Percent Hair Studio Now!

99 Percent Hair Studio introduces manicure and pedicure services now! I still remember when I first join them as their official blogger, they are still in a small shop located in Far East Plaza. Now, they’ve not only shifted over to Haji Lane, starting with one level initially, but to a whole 3 storey hair salon which provide hair services, manicure and pedicure, as well as make up services too! ;) Felt really glad and excited for them. SO… I got to try out the pedicure not long ago and yes, it’s my very first time doing pedicure lo. haha~ Now, don’t judge me as there are alot of guys out there that go for such services as well de hor. There’s not right or wrong to go be beautiful or looking good right? :P My pedicurist is very careful with the blades and she only told me that it’s actually shape blade which might just slice a piece of your meat off. look at the flakes! omg~ :X The whole process is actually very …

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Laser IPL Treatment from EHA Clinic-1

Pain-Free, Hair-Free, The Most Comfortable Way to Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair

Pain-Free and Hair Free, the most comfortable way to eliminate unwanted body hair! Yes, removing unwanted body hair is not just for lady but guys do remove unwanted body hair as well, which explains why the arise of Boyzilian waxing a few years back. The most common way of removing body hair is through waxing, but it’s a tedious process and you might feel discomfort too. Next will be IPL which is very common nowadays as it’s time saving and less painful. Now, how about a pain-free way to remove unwanted body hair? The Pain-Free, Hair-Free is a laser hair treatment, where you can now free yourself from all the daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you that silky smooth and beautiful bare skin. It is an effective and permanent hair reduction solution that is simple and easy. I did a close-shave before i go for my treatment. So how is this different from the normal hair removal treatment? The system unique IN-Motion technology along with the sweeping motion of the laser, safely and gently …

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Facial at immortelle atelier-4

Lift and Firm with Filorga Cryolift Treatment

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I’m sure there’s lots of visiting to do right? It’s also the time of the year where most people are more willing to pamper themselves just to make sure that they look good. Introducing you the Filorga Cryolift facial treatment which utilizes state-of-the-art non-surgical technology to treat signs of aging through Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”. This treatment is suitable for most people, be it the young or the elderly people, and it’s also safe for pregnant women too! Filorga Cryolift treatment takes the skin down to -18 degrees and the feeling is really good. The icy cooling effect makes your skin feel so pampered. Especially when a combination of gels is used with more than 12 vitamins, 24 different amino acids and various minerals and anti oxidants. This causes the micro blood to flow in the skin that helps to reverse the aging process. Cryolift treatment helps fatigued skin regain firmness, tone and give it radiance. Immediate results can be expected after the first treatment. It also helps …

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Hair Cream Bath at Immortelle Atelier

Sponsored Review Having an important meeting to attend or going on a date with someone you’re interested? I’m sure you would like to make sure you look, feel and smell good too right? Especially our hair which tends to get oily easily. Not to worry, here’s something that I would like to share with you which I’m sure it’ll benefit you! Before i proceed to tell you what is it going to be, let’s go on a mini tour around the salon! It’s really very nicely decorated and I personally quite like it. Especially the super wider mirror with lights which shout “best lighting for selfie” ! lol~

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Get Shielded today with Bio Shield!

Advertorial Our skin gets the most exposure to germs around us and its important for us to protect our skin with products that is safe and benefits us. Introducing your Bio Shield, an organic body protectant designed to maintain and enhance our skin’s immune function :) Since its launch in 2010, Bio Shield remains the top body protectant for adults, children and babies!

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New Hair Color at 99 Percent Hair Studio

My hair tends to grow pretty fast and i need to visit the hair salon almost once every month for a hair cut or trim. It’s also been a long time since i did my hair color, the last was chinese new year if i’m not wrong hahaha. Therefore this time round, my hairstylist, FION decided to do a color change on my hair! BUT before that, let me take a selfie first! hahaha~

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[2013 Xmas Guide + Giveaway] World’s First Shaver that Put Shaving Irritation on Ice by Braun!

Sponsored Review What irritates you the most for your daily shaving routine? The shaving irritation like burning, itching, redness and skin tension irritates me the most. Other than that, the need of having to replace your blade (which is quite expensive) and shaving foam is one factor which I do not like about too.

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OXY Oasis Therapy at EHA Clinic

Sponsored Review Recalling back the last time i went for my facial session, i actually couldn;t remember when was it as it’s been so long ! Was glad when i got to know about this and special thanks to EHA for being the Official Skin Sponsor of Darren Bloggie! WOOHOO~ now i can have fabulous skin haha! So to kick start with, i went for the Oxy Oasis Therapy last week and i enjoy myself at the session! A selfie right before we begin the session ;)

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