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So This is ROCCO Spotted at Gardens by the Bay and it's Back Again!

So This is ROCCO Spotted at Gardens by the Bay and it's Back Again!

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Have you heard of this name ROCCO? What do you think this ROCCO name is? A gadget brand, fashion apparel label, electronics, name of a food? WRONG! ROCCO is actually an eyewear brand which is around during the 60s – 90s where 4 million frames was being sold which makes ROCCO an eyewear legend in Europe. This is a scanned copy of the catalogue way back in 1963.


After going missing for so long, Rocco is back again! and guess where I found Rocco? At Gardens by the Bay! hahaha~


Noticed the color of the frames? it’s in green with a gradual gradient and marble prints at the top, which is why it appear in the award winning Gardens by the Bay as a perfect pair of glasses is much needed for you to enjoy the scenic and breathtaking views here.



Spot that signature yellow ring? 🙂


BUT! Rocco will not be staying here at the Gardens for long as it’s always on the move. Wanna know where Rocco will head to next and a chance to win a pair of Rocoo glasses and a chance to party with Rocco at Zouk? Stay tuned to darrenbloggie and my instagram (come follow me 🙂 ) as I release the clue out to you soon! 😉


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