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[Cha Ba Lang Blogging] Virgin Post on a iPad Mini


This is super random as ive never try to do a blog entry without using a proper PC or laptop. I’ve saw people using their iPad or even their phone to write a entry out and I always question, seriously can do that meh? And now since I’ve gotten myself a iPad mini, I’m gonna to try it out! So this entry you are reading is created on an iPad mini ;)

So.. The Singapore blog awards is over and yes, I didn’t win anything except a consolation prize for the best dress of the day. But I would still love to thank every single one of you that helped to vote for me daily and at the same time to congrats all the winners! :D

Went on a short trip to job with my bbfs for food, massage and petrol on Sunday and the jam was quite a terrible one. We left at arc 7 and only managed to reach back at Singapore at 10 plus…


We tried the bak kut teh from soon soon, located just opposite KSL and the crowd was kinda huge with queues ongoing. We ordered a claypot bak kut teh and added in others ingredients like pork balls, intestines and slices or meat into it.

We also ordered the claypot pig trotter and you tiao as well :)

Overall the food taste not too bad, just that I find the pork ribs not that fantastic. Not as tender as what I supposed it will be :/

And in case you are curious, yes… I’m back to iPhone again lol. After all I think iPhone still gives me the best photo quality :p you can tell as all the images above are taken with my new iphone ;) but I still love my galaxy note hor~

So come follow me on instagram and view more nice nice photos (self praise lol) I’ve taken with my iPhone yeah :p

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  1. Poke My Mon says

    Oh wow, what app did you use to put in the text for the first picture?

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