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Let’s Go Taiwan! 來去台彎走一走!: 登上台北101! Taipei 101+Shopping Loots!

Let’s Go Taiwan! 來去台彎走一走!: 登上台北101! Taipei 101+Shopping Loots!

Finally the last entry of this whole series. You must be wondering why only 3 entries since i went for 4 days right? That’s because i’ve already blogged about my day 4, which is my last day in taiwan quite some time ago~ never read?! GO READ HERE NOW!

Itinerary for the day is much less hectic than the other 2 days as we will be focusing more on SHOPPING today! and to celebrate mother’s day as well 😉 (mother’s day falls on the next day.)

Starting our late breakfast with oyster mee sua! 阿忠面綫!



Really sunny day! and we forgot to bring our newly bought sunglasses out! but we decided to proceed on to our first stop, Long Shan Temple 龍山寺 will definitely visit whenever i go there.



After visiting the temple, we decided to head back to our hotel to put the new sandals that we just bought and at the same time to grab our sunglasses as well! ;D

 P1060872 P1060873

MUAHAHA!! finally! 這樣才像話嘛~!


i seriously think we looked super cool and rich that day. i told my mum and dad that they looked like some 太太 and 富翁 dressing lidat hahaha~


and they have a 超級明星son! hahaha~ okay super buay hiao bye i know!


Some random robotic sculptures along the way to taipei 101. there’s a newly mall that i guess just opened not long ago as the shops over there are really new. It will be linked underground to a exit near taipei 101. so we walked our way there from the train station instead of taking the shuttle bus.

P1060880 P1060882 P1060883 P1060886 P1060887 P1060888 P1060889 P1060890 P1060892

something that brighten up my day! 😀 haha~ S.H.E latest dm for muzee! ;D


purchased our tickets for the taipei 101 tour 😉 FINALLY after visiting that place for so many times, 我終于可以登上台北101了!!!!


the lift was really COOL!!!

P1060896 P1060898

Dad totally 不顧形象 asking me to snap a pic for him. LOLX~~


mum decided to join in too!

P1060901 P1060902 P1060903

looked at the view!! WOW~~~~~~~!!!


P1060904 P1060905 P1060907 P1060908 P1060910 P1060911 P1060912 P1060913 P1060914 P1060918

we bought ice cream with our complimentary coupons 😉 it’s SOO GOOD! especially under this super HOT weather~!

icecream P1060919 P1060920 P1060921

loved this pic alot!!!

P1060926 P1060927 P1060929 P1060930 P1060931

We settled down for lunch at the food court, located at the basement of taipei101. Do not worry that the price will be expensive as it’s actually pretty cheap 😉 recommend u guys to head there for food if you happen to be at taipei 101 😉


after lunch, time to get my mum her mother’s day gift! she’s been telling me that she wanted a bag like longchamp type, so i brought here in to the longchamp store at taipei 101 for her to pick what she wants 🙂 and instead of getting the tote which she initially wanted to get, she chose a sling bag instead 😉 look at her, so satisfied and happy with it hahahahaha~ 😀


Dad decided to come 查一腳 cos i say i will be uploading them onto facebook. LOL!


another guess the focus of this picture ;P


OMG! hebe is standing in the rain and she’s drenched!!! :X


and since im now a galaxy note user, how can i not take a pic with the 最佳代言人right?!


Next we took the metro to dan shui lao jie 淡水老街 to buy our 土產before heading back to the hotel…

P1060952 P1060953 P1060954 P1060955 P1060957 P1060959

yummy smelly toufu 臭豆腐 which both my dad and i love ~!!!

20120512_180851 20120512_180953

Grilled sotong was one of my dad’s favourite as well! 😀

20120512_181015 20120512_181026

Mother’s Day dinner was settled at the NT399 吃到飽 bbq buffet! 😀

20120512_194116 bbq

but i guess it’s not to my parents liking as they didn’t really eat much.

Now ready to see my shopping loots?!!! 😀 hahahaha~~~ here you go! 我全都愛!!!


pretty key pouches and namecard holders.


Perfume from lavender forest 😉


bought this galaxy note cover for 10 bucks only from the stalls along the street late night in xi men ding. Remember me saying that do go walk ard xi men ding late in the night to get some cool and cheap offers? neh! you see. i managed to get it at 10 whereby i saw it selling at 30 plus in shi lin night market lor!


lots of tees, jeans and shorts! 😀

P1060967 P1060968 P1060969 P1060970

Selina first magazine cover after her recovery. MUST BUY!!!


My DIY lighting stand from carton king 😉


Snacks for colleagues in the office …



cheap sandals at 15 bucks only!


Guess how much this leopard prints haversack cost? $70? $50? i bet you saw something like this online or in shops and the price will show something like $50 plus right? haha~ with my bargaining skills i managed to cut from $30 to $15!!! CHEAP OR WAT?! hahaha!!! 😀


And that marks the end of my taiwan trip entries! Hope you guys find my entries informative and i hope it will be of good use for you 😀

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Lin Wen Pan June 6, 2012 at 12:45 pm Reply

It’s a very detail article talk about Taipei 101, you must make lot of study! haha
method86 June 6, 2012 at 1:55 pm Reply

Thanks! 😀
- Justin - June 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm Reply

I want to go there soooo bad!! Plus, S.H.E. is on the ticket!! haha.. I love them so much! 🙂
Zuan June 12, 2012 at 8:33 pm Reply

where did you buy the leopard prints haversack from? nice!

method86 June 12, 2012 at 10:34 pm Reply

I bought it at wu fen pu 😉

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