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Christmas Celebration with WhitePage Creation @ Ma Maison & PartyWorld

This is the second last entry for my xmas celebration for the year of 2010. Last thursday, was our company christmas celebration and we went for dinner at ma maison at central where they served japanese food in a western style. I really like the place as the ambience was superb :) a place that i will definitely be back again ;)

xmas decoration on the mailbox…

We took some time to browse through the menu before placing our orders.

and while waiting for our food to be served, as a blogger, i must do my job by snapping pics ard right? haha… :D

and that’s my colleague, Joey~

Food was served pretty fast…

The katsu set whereby the katsu looks really tempting~!!

Gravy for the katsu…

can you tell which is beef and which is chicken? initially i thought the red one was chicken but luckily i didn’t eat that as it’s actually beef.

Escargot! it’s yummy and we placed another additional order for this~

Creamy mushroom omu rice…

Japanese Styled Spaghetti with bacon bits. Quite nice.. I LIKE! ;D

Some hamburger steak with omu served on a hot plate.. can’t rmb the name for this.. haha~

omu rice with beef..

and we got ourselves each a cup of soju… very strong sia~~ and it’s not cheap lo. $9 for a glass like this…

we took a company group photo before leaving to our next destination and continue with our party for the night~~

a pic requested by joey with the bluey white xmas tree :)

Loved the night scenario along the singapore river and the christmas decoration along clarke quay…

didn’ know that there is actually a burger king whopper bar which sells beer at clarke quay.. hmm wondering how it will be to have my burger with beer.. :/

and here we are at our second destination of the night. PARTY WORLD!! WOOHOO~~ Ktv session!!! yea yea yea!! muahahaha~~~~

and it’s actually my firs time drinking chivas.. afterall i think it taste quite nice leh, especially mixing it with green tea..

We sang all the way till later night and i think i was a little drunk when we left the place. lol! but ok la.. i still can walk my way up to my home de hor!

Afterall, it was really a great night spent with my bosses and colleague. Really enjoyed myself :)




*Ps : My boss was so nice as he knew that we will be out till late, therefore xmas eve was a OFF DAY for all of us!! very nice right?! muahaha~*


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