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Buffet Dinner at Momoya Japanese Restuarant

It’s time for food!!!!!

Food always makes me feel extremely happy, especially if it’s in a buffet style! since i was having a crave for Japanese cuisine, together with my bbfs, we went for a buffet dinner at

momoya japanese restaurant!

really nice and cosy ambience 😉

Ala Carte Buffet menu… (for the full list of the menu, you can visit here.)

rachel and diana busy deciding on what to order…

*WARNING! tons of food pics below *

buffet style ma, sure got alot of pics de ma…

Here comes the food!!




Kimchi with pork… though this is not a korean restaurant…

fried mushrooms!!

and grilled mushrooms…

Grilled chicken stick…

Black pepper pork… nice!

some more westernized japanese food…

ok enough of food! time to take a break! camwhore before continue with our food! ;D

a wonderful and satisfied dinner 😉

*thumbs up!*

so if you are craving for one, like me, here’s the address of the location…

Momoya Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd
16 Jalan Pari Burong
Singapore 488682
Tel: (65) 6245 3303
Fax: (65) 6246 1193

: enquiries@momoya.com.sg

not really expensive too. approximately ard $33 for the buffet dinner. they do have ala carte menu and take away menu as well.

for more information and upcoming promotion, you can visit their website here.




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